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The unique historical and cultural capacities of Zanjan should be introduced at the national and international level

According to Aria Heritage report, quoting from the public relations of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Zanjan, Akbar Khodayi said on Wednesday 19th of Bahman 1401 after visiting various booths of Zanjan Province at the Tehran Tourism and Related Industries Exhibition and in a meeting with the Mayor and Director General of Zanjan Cultural Heritage: It is absolutely necessary to introduce the historical, cultural and artistic works of Zanjan province at the national and international level to familiarize the compatriots and people of other countries.

He said: The continuation of the International Eco-Silk Road Festival in Zanjan will cause domestic and foreign tourists to travel to Zanjan to generate income and introduce culture, remove deprivation, economic growth, and introduce the ancient and rich customs of this region to others. Regions of the country and the world are available.

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