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The United Nations has confirmed the killing of Palestinian journalist Abu Aqla by Israel

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said in a report that Abu Aqla was shot dead by Israeli soldiers while covering an Israeli military attack on a refugee camp in the West Bank, IRNA reported.
Earlier, several American media outlets, including the Washington Post, CNN, and the New York Times, blamed Israeli documents for the killing of Abu Aqla, claiming that the Palestinian-American journalist had been shot dead by Zionist militants. The Hebrew-language newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth also announced Friday that the UN Human Rights Council will publish an investigation focusing on Israel’s responsibility for the assassination of Shirin Abu Aqla.
The killing of 51-year-old Abu Aqla, a Palestinian-American dual citizen who has been reporting on the conflict and events in the occupied territories, especially in the West Bank, for 20 years has sparked global outrage and protest.
Palestinians have also used the incident to visualize the dangers and sufferings of life under Israeli occupation, as the killing of Palestinians has rarely attracted international attention and investigations, and soldiers accused of crimes against Palestinians in the West Bank have rarely been convicted. اند.
Meanwhile, yesterday, a group of 24 US senators called on President Joe Biden to allow Washington to participate directly in the investigation into the martyrdom of Al Jazeera journalist Shirin Abu Aqla.
US lawmakers, all Democrats and two independent senators, have called for a “full and transparent US-supervised investigation” into the martyrdom of Shirin Abu Aqla, a Palestinian-American journalist.
In a letter to Biden, lawmakers led by Sen. Chris Van Hollen wrote: “It is clear that neither side trusts the other to conduct credible and independent investigations. We believe that the only way to achieve this goal is through direct US intervention.
A spokesman for the US National Security Council said Washington was not conducting a formal investigation, but called on both sides to share evidence.
Last week, US State Department spokesman Ned Price told a news conference about the investigation into the martyrdom of Al Jazeera’s Shirin Abu Aqla by Israeli forces that Washington had requested a “full and transparent” investigation into the murder of Shirin Abu Aqla, an American journalist. – Palestine reiterates and any investigation must include accountability.
In response to the killing of Abu Aqla, many countries, institutions and international organizations have condemned the Zionist crime and called for the Zionist regime to be held accountable for this atrocity and for an investigation to be carried out.
On the other hand, the Zionist regime canceled the investigation into the murder of Abu Aqla and announced that it had no intention of opening an investigation into the murder of this journalist.

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