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The vaccination base of Mahak Hospital started operating

According to the Fars News Agency Health Group, the Mahak Pediatric Cancer Hospital has joined the national corona general vaccination campaign and according to the plans of the Ministry of Health and Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, the Covid 19 vaccination base will be located in Mitra Sadat Mirbagheri Memorial Building from Monday, September 20th. Began.

Shahla Andami, the nursing director of Mahak Hospital, said that Mahak has been taking measures to protect the health of all its relatives since the beginning of the outbreak of the Corona virus. Staff at Mahak Hospital and Charity and their families who have not yet been vaccinated, as well as families of children with cancer, are given priority at the center to receive the Corona vaccine. “After that, people who registered on the website based on their age can refer to the benchmark to receive the first dose of the vaccine.”

Regarding the type of vaccine available in this center and also how to inject the vaccine at the dose of the latter, he said: “Sinofarm vaccine is injected in this center.” Of course, people who are in the second phase of injecting Sinofarm can also go to this center. As for the other types of vaccines, I have to say that the necessary arrangements have been made with the deputy director of treatment to receive the Astrazenka and Sputnikov vaccines so that people who are in the second dose can also be vaccinated.

The nursing management of Mahak Hospital further pointed to the injection of vaccine for people over 18 years old with the permission of the Ministry of Health in this center and said: if people registered in the vaccination system of the Ministry of Health do not refer to this center, the permission to inject people over 18 years old we have.”
“For example, pregnant women have to go to this center with the coordination of their specialist doctor and receive a letter, and it is not possible to inject the vaccine to people who have an allergic base,” she said, adding that there are restrictions on the vaccine. Adult-related treatment facilities are not available in the ICU of Mahak Hospital.

In the end, Andami continued by explaining the facilities available in Mahak to fulfill his social responsibility in the general corona vaccination plan: As you know, since March 1998, due to the need to maintain social distance and health protocols, restrictions on traffic to Mahak Hospital were created. For this reason, the Corona Vaccination Center was set up in the second building of the institute, where the administrative departments are located.

Entry and exit standards, the possibility of screening people and their queuing in the open space in front of the building in this space have been studied. There are three desks for recording information and three vaccine injection desks in this collection. We also have an extra table for when the system crashes.

The center’s staff have all undergone cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ACLS) courses, and equipment such as oxygen machines, stretchers, trolley codes and electric shocks are available. Also, if necessary, the patient’s transfer route to the hospital emergency department is checked, and the resident physician and emergency nurses are fully prepared to provide services in the necessary conditions.

Mahak, as an organization that has worked for three decades to bring children with cancer to health days, is trying to increase the health of the community based on its social responsibility. We hope to come together in a world far from disease in the not-too-distant future to celebrate the recovery of our little heroes from cancer.

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