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The view of the father of Iran’s journalism on the story of Pourahmad’s death

These days, dealing with the issue of death and suicide in social networks and some media is so reckless that it is necessary to review basic standards and protocols. Entering people’s privacy and avoiding the promotion of suicide is completely forgotten, and the publishers, with the aim of attracting the audience and sometimes putting their political and factional opinions on the couch, even to the point of publishing naked and direct images of the moment of death and different angles of the deceased body. they go forward

Charso Press: These media misbehaviors are formed while mental health experts as well as the media have repeatedly emphasized on avoiding excessive coverage of suicide news with the aim of preventing imitative behaviors, and of course the boundaries of ethics are crossed with this practice. ; Because they don’t even think for a moment about the dignity of the person in question and its consequences on his family and relatives.

In the recent story of the death of Kyomarth Pourahmad – a famous director of Iranian cinema and television – many cases of this kind were observed, and where the hypothesis of murder was also brought up, this media recklessness unfortunately even went to the limit of publishing pictures from the moment of death!

Mohammad Beluri, who has six decades of experience writing in the press, warned against the need to avoid the media’s careless and indiscriminate coverage of the suicide news of celebrities and its reasons. The higher the number, the greater the correlation between the amount of advertising and the incidence of suicide in society. With such a view, indiscriminate broadcasting of reports on social networks and media will have a greater impact on the suicide rate; In a way, spreading the news of suicide will spread the idea that suicide is a natural way to solve problems.

Mohammad Balori

This journalist further emphasized: Reckless publication of these news causes anxiety in the minds of the society, especially in the youth and teenagers, and will have side effects that will cause problems in the future.

Referring to his professional activity in the field of incidents, he mentioned that during these years, they have never mentioned the details of the incident, lest it have an impact on the young generation and make them worried and discouraged about the future, society and even themselves.

According to him, all this is against the joy that should be given to the society and the youth.

Mohammad Beluri, who has dealt with many criminal cases, including “Night Bat”, recalled: “In the past, we avoided publishing pictures and information about murders and suicides that would influence the public’s mind and society, and We didn’t do much about suicide; Because it created general despair in the society, especially the young generation, and we observed all these points. We absolutely did not work the scenes that were sad and disappointing.

Regarding dealing with a sensitive issue such as suicide, Bluri also pointed to the media behavior of the organizations in charge of the case and warned: This event will lead to general despair in the society.

Referring to a similar example of one of the suicides, he reminded that due to the media’s excessive attention to the issue and its destructive effects on the society, other suicides also happened. An incident that is the result of this careless approach to the issue.

Bluri also emphasized to the media: news like this needs a lot of care. When the issue is still unclear, the media should not spread despair in the society, especially in the youth. Especially, some media are unaware of the consequences of their work and do not know what bad impact it will have. Many factors may have caused a person to commit suicide, and the factor that caused him to commit this act is not in many, so one should not generalize the sorrows of this lost loved one to others. We should not write these; Especially for the young generation who are facing many problems. In these days, the press and media should talk with psychologists and experts and work to spread the spirit of happiness, which unfortunately most of the media do not do.

Referring to the way of dealing with the death of Kyomarth Pourahmad in some media, Bluri noted: Considering that he was a well-known director, he was a little different from a person who is unknown and well-known, and of course, any incident attributed to him has more effects. puts on the society For this reason, it should not be treated carelessly; Because people’s reputation will have more effects on the society.

He emphasized once again that the media should avoid publishing disturbing scenes and content. Because the society has its own pressures and the media should not fuel it.

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