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The vigilance of the police revealed the secret of the murder/ the killer’s failure to kill the victim’s sister and two brothers

According to the police correspondent of Fars news agency, three crimes in the missing case were prevented by the proactive action of the Tehran intelligence police.

According to this report, at the end of March 1401, a brother and sister went to the police station of their place of residence in Hassan Abad region and informed the officers that their brother with a certain identity (born in 1361) was going to his home in the new city of Pardis from their father’s house in Hassan. Abad left and never returned home, and after that, he no longer answered his cell phone.

With the filing of a preliminary case on the issue of missing people and by the order of the investigator of the 8th branch of the Tehran Criminal Affairs Prosecutor’s Office, the case was handed over to the 11th Department of Greater Tehran Intelligence Police for investigation.

After attending the 11th police department of Greater Tehran, the missing family announced: Our brother, along with his wife and 15-year-old daughter, had come to our father’s house about two months ago due to some problems at their place of residence. They all lived with us. It was on March 21, 1401 that our brother went to their house in the campus to bring his wife and daughter’s belongings, and since then, there is no news of him.

The Ghagati family stated the reason for their relatively long delay in filing a complaint with the police: text messages were sent to us from our brother’s cell phone stating that he is going to Turkey and will call after a few roses; Even in one of the last text messages that were sent to us from our brother’s phone, we were asked to make the ownership document of his private towing vehicle in the name of his wife! But when he was no longer heard from, I decided to report the matter to the police.

In the following, according to the evidences and clues obtained in the case, the detectives of the 11th Department of the Greater Tehran Intelligence Police put a special investigation into this case in their agenda.

The detectives encountered many contradictions in their investigation of the missing wife; Therefore, the focus of the police investigation was focused on the wife of the missing person and they found out that the wife of the missing person has met a 20-year-old youth named Sina since about 6 months ago.

By identifying Sina in the case, the intelligence police detectives, in the continuation of the police actions, found out that Sina had returned to the residence of Agheti in the new city of Pardis on March 21, 1401. Therefore, upon discovering his unconventional relationship with his missing wife, the detectives of the 11th Department went to his residence in Bomehen and found out that Sina had not returned to this place for some time.

Measures to identify and arrest Sina were on the agenda until the detectives found out that he had gone to one of the western provinces of the country during this period, but he is currently returning to Tehran, which coincides with Sina’s return to Tehran. They found out that the missing wife has also gone to her residence in the campus.

The detectives of the 11th Department put the control and subtle monitoring of the places of possible traffic and return of Sina in Bomhan and the campus until at 4 o’clock in the morning on Sunday 13th of Farudin month, Sina returned to the place of residence in the campus; Upon Sina’s return and entry into the house of Aghati, the detectives of the 11th Department immediately arrested Sina as well as Aghati’s wife.

Sina (born in 1382) and the wife of Nogheti (born in 1366), who had no choice but to confess and tell the truth, confessed to planning to commit a crime and finally murder Gogheti by Sina and stated that they jointly took the body to the deserts of Mehrabad region on the road They took Damavand and buried the body by digging a pit of several meters, where the necessary coordination was immediately made and teams from the identification of the police, forensic medicine and fire department together with the detectives of the 11th department and the accused went to the burial place of the victim and took the body. is discovered.

In his confession, the main accused in the case (Sina) told the detectives: He met Maryam (the victim’s wife) about 6 months ago and my interest in her increased every day. During this period, I was aware of Maryam’s problems and differences with her husband; Maryam and I had decided to get married and because of this, we both agreed to kill the victim. It was about two months ago that the victim had doubted Maryam’s relationship and for this reason, he had taken his family to his father’s house in Hassanabad.

Regarding the manner of the crime, the accused stated: With a previous plan and while I was waiting for him at the victim’s house on the second floor of the building, Maryam sent his wife to the campus under the pretext of bringing some of his and his daughter’s personal belongings. When the victim entered the house, I attacked him and hit him in the face with a spray; He was completely surprised and I was able to tie his hands and feet and finally kill him with a rope.

Regarding how the body was transported to the deserts around Mehrabad, around the Damavand road, the accused also said: The next day, Maryam came to their house and two people put her husband’s body inside a large suitcase and drove the victim’s car to the deserts of Mehrabad. We went to Damavand road; We prepared a hole of about 2 meters and buried the body in it. Maryam returned to Tehran and I left the car in the desert.

The accused also told the detectives about his motive in preparing the weapon: during the period when the family of the victim, especially the two brothers and sisters of the victim, were aware of the issue of the disappearance of the victim, they were following up the matter intensely; That’s why I decided to kill them too, so that I don’t think anyone else will follow the story; That’s why I went to the west of the country and bought a handgun, and then I came to Tehran and from there to Maryam’s house. A few minutes after I entered the house, the police suddenly entered the house and both of us were arrested.

Detective Colonel Ali Valipour Gudarzi, the head of the Greater Tehran Intelligence Police, announced this news and said: Considering the explicit confessions of the accused regarding the planning and commission of the first crime, the discovery of the victim’s body, as well as planning to commit subsequent crimes, the case from the 11th Department The intelligence police has been referred to the 10th department for the murder of this police officer, and the accused are under the custody of the 10th department of the Greater Tehran police department for further investigation.

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