The White House has denied Biden’s claim that he did not meet with Ben-Salman

According to Fars News Agency’s International Group, after much speculation about the US President’s meeting with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia during his visit to Riyadh, the White House rejected Joe Biden’s statement that he did not meet with Mohammed bin Salman.

A few days ago, US President Joe Biden said about his trip to Saudi Arabia that he will not meet with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during this trip. سی‌ان‌ان “The White House says Biden’s meeting with Saudi officials next month will include a meeting with the Crown Prince,” the report said.

“Hours after US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm announced in a statement that she was scheduled to meet with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during her visit to Saudi Arabia, the White House announced on Sunday that the president would meet,” the network reported. “It also includes a meeting with the Saudi Crown Prince.”

US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm was asked by a network correspondent on Sunday about Joe Biden’s next visit to Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

A CNN correspondent asked Secretary of State Joe Biden if the US president would meet with Mohammed bin Salman during a visit to Saudi Arabia to discuss world oil prices.

Jennifer Granholm initially responded that the US President intends to attend an international conference in Jeddah attended by GCC leaders, along with the leaders of Egypt, Iraq and Jordan.

“I think he will meet with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia,” he said. “He calls on all oil suppliers around the world to increase their production.”

The Cyanan correspondent again questioned the US Secretary of Energy and asked if there would be a bilateral meeting between Joe Biden and Mohammed bin Salman.

“My understanding is that he will visit, but in general there will be a series of energy meetings,” Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm said in response to a question.

“The minister’s remarks contradicted Biden’s remarks on Friday,” Cyanan wrote. “I am not going to meet with Ubayyas (Muhammad bin Salman), I am going to an international meeting. And he will be a part of it,” the president said.

Following the US Secretary of Energy’s remarks, Cyanan approached White House officials for their views on the veracity of his remarks.

“The president will be in Saudi Arabia at the invitation of King Salman, along with eight other heads of state, for the GCC summit (Iraq, Egypt and Jordan),” a spokesman for the US National Security Council told Siwan.

“A bilateral meeting will be held with King Salman and his team,” he added. The meeting will include the Crown Prince and other Saudi officials. “The president will meet with dozens of his counterparts during his trip to the Middle East next month.”

In recent weeks, the issue of US President Joe Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia and the possibility of his meeting with the Crown Prince has become news. Biden had taken a hard line on the case of Jamal Khashgechi’s assassination during the 2020 presidential campaign, but his administration changed its mind about meeting with Saudi officials following the sharp rise in world energy and gasoline prices in the United States. have given.

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