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According to Tejarat News, workers are always the first group whose financial future is destroyed by inflationary waves arising from economic crises; In Iran, construction workers are more vulnerable in this regard. Most of the activists in this field do not have proper insurance, nor have they joined the construction workers’ union to deal with their problems; This is despite the fact that a large number of them do not even have the salary to provide a minimum living wage and have a seasonal income. The latest data shows that a significant percentage of construction workers are tenants.

Akbar Shaukat, the head of the trade union of construction workers, also told Tasnim in this regard: We conducted a statistical survey in Qom province; Among the 25,000 construction workers who were members of the association, about 85% of the members live in the poorest urban areas and nearly 40% of the total members are renters. It means that they cannot even afford to build a house for themselves in the weakest parts of the city.

Of course, this is only part of the problems of construction workers, and according to Shaukat, the recession has also affected their livelihood.

He also stated in this regard: Foreign nationals have replaced Iranian labor in our country due to the fact that labor is cheap and under pressure in their own country. After the housing market stagnated, these non-Iranian workers who entered construction from other industries did not leave. In fact, a large part of the housing construction market was occupied by non-Iranian labor. Foreign nationals are even paid less than the real price in order to keep the construction market under their control.

Exceeding rent from workers’ rights

Buying a house is a dream for tenant workers; But this is not the end of their housing crisis, but a report shows that now between 60 and 100 percent of the monthly income of the middle and needy classes, which includes workers, is spent on paying rent.

Now, to rent a small house in the capital, at least 100 to 200 million tomans of mortgage and a full basic salary are needed as monthly rent. Of course, according to a labor union activist in Rasht, house rent is ahead of workers’ wages is not only limited to Tehran, and in all cities it is not possible to pay house rent with worker’s wages.

At the same time, so-called supportive housing projects have been pending in the country for two years, and Mehr housing units have not been fully delivered to the target community after two decades. In addition, the initial cost to enter housing support schemes is so high that it practically deprives the working classes of the ability to buy housing.

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