The working group that strengthened the roof!

According to the sports reporter of Tasnim news agency, in June of this year and before the start of summer transfers, a working group was formed in the football federation with the aim of monitoring the ceiling of contracts and budgets of clubs. A working group that seemed full of ambiguity and contradictions at first glance, but as time went on, the objections became less and the hopes for supervision in football became stronger.

At the beginning of the formation of the contract monitoring working group, the presence of Hoshang Nasirzadeh and Ali Khatir as CEOs of Tractor and Esteghlal was considered one of the most important objections due to the conflict of interests among the members of the working group, which also created ambiguities, but very soon these two people had to They left the working group so that the supervisory aspect in the working group is more active than before.

The most important ambiguity in the beginning days of the contract monitoring working group was the existence of an executive guarantee, which was criticized many times. How will the clubs be obliged to comply with the laws for which the executive guarantee is not defined; But in practice, apparently, a “surprise” was waiting for football fans.

Certainly, the new rules of the working group for the supervision of contracts have problems that sometimes become troublesome and must be resolved for the next season, but these rules have largely prevented extravagance and lawlessness in the current season. Maybe if it wasn’t for this law, no one would have known that a program manager took 17 billion money just for the transfer of a bench player, or more than 100 billion Tomans were spent for the two-year contract of another player! Or someone didn’t know about the dollar contract of a certain player and taking over the players’ taxes, which is a common thing in our football.

The unveiling of a player whose agent receives 17 billion from Sepahan!

All these efforts, along with the entry of regulatory institutions and the inspection organization, caused the contracts of football players in the Iranian League to be under the supervision microscope at least once and some strange violations were also identified in them. In addition to this issue, the quick referral of cases to the disciplinary committee showed that, contrary to expectations, a good implementation guarantee was also considered for the new rules of the contract monitoring task force so that the clubs take the rules more seriously.

In addition to Sepahan, who faced the decision to deduct points and fine, now the case of Persepolis club has also reached the disciplinary committee, and it is heard that the cases of other clubs are also on the way, so that this time the football federation and the league organization will hit their nails hard. Actions that have been commendable so far. Although this law has flaws, it has been said since ancient times that a bad law is better than no law.

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