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These ten apps swallow the battery!

Even if you have a new phone with a long battery charge, there are some applications that drain the phone’s battery quickly.

According to Aetna from ISNA, these applications consume the phone’s battery charge by running services on the phone and cause it to run out of charge quickly.

Although there are many applications that cause the phone to run out of charge quickly, the “Tech Engage” website introduced 10 applications that have the worst history in this regard.

1- Snapchat

2- Netflix

3- YouTube

4- Facebook

5- Messenger

6- WhatsApp

7- Google News

8- Flipboard

9- BBC News

10- Tik Tok

Social networking, messaging, and news apps that use a user’s location information to show real-time location and also regularly send notifications to keep the user informed of messages or breaking news make up the bulk of this list. Users can prevent their phone’s battery from draining quickly by disabling the notifications of these applications. Also, by closing unnecessary applications on the phone, keep the device as clean as possible, because their activity on the phone is the main reason for reducing the battery charge.

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