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“These three invincibles” were seen again!/A book about three absurd giants

The book “These Three Unconquerables” was published by the efforts and editing of Rouzbeh Hosseini, who examines the works and critiques of some theories of Samuel Beckett, Eugene UNESCO, and Edward Albee.

Charso Press: The book “These Three Invincibles” was edited and edited by Rouzbeh Hosseini, a teacher and theater director, and it was published in the third edition. This is the fifty-second book Vol From the “Today’s Theater of the World” collection and containing dozens of articles about modern theater and theater Absurd is to examine the works and criticize some of Samuel’s theories Beckett, Eugene UNESCO and Edward Albie Three giants of the world Absurd will pay.

This book includes introductions in four parts (about theater Absurd), Samuel Beckett, Eugene UNESCO and Edward Albie It was written and translated over five years.

Each section includes the translation of articles from the world’s great critics and Iranian experts, including Rahmat Amini, Ramtin Shahbazi, Jalal Tehrani, Nurullah Nosrati, Akbar AlizadMajid Akhgar, Reza Ashfete, Bita Malkouti, Mohsen I’m offended and… and at the end of each chapter, a half-length play translated by Mohsen I’m offended has been published.

Among the articles included in the book, we can mention the following; 10 tips for not reading In sleep and wakefulness, Rozbeh Hosseini; The meaning of losing in the theater AbsurdMartin Slaine; Saye Roshan, Jalal Tehrani; Lessons I Learned From My Critics Eugene UNESCO; UNESCO, Notes and Counter-Notes, Suzanne Santag; Theater Absurd Which is it, Edward Albie; Think about this matter, Hamed Safai Tabar; Decaying human innocence and…

Rozbeh Hosseini is a writer, designer, director and theater teacher and the founder of the group “And Suddenly” in 1378. He is in the record self addition On directing various theatrical works, he has published the publication “Theatre file” since 1378, the book of the theater director’s association and published translations, research articles, criticism, discussion and research in the field of theater history of Iran and the world.

The first edition of this book is in April 1390 It was and now in May 1402 It has been published in the third edition by the drop publication.

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