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This is not a good time to impeach Minister Samat

Mohammad Lahouti saidوگو In response to a question about whether a period of about 10 months is suitable for reviewing the performance of a minister and whether it is a good time to impeach and possibly remove a minister, given the current situation in the country, he said: “According to the law Interpellation is one of the rights of members of parliament, and if necessary, ministers can be interrogated in parliament if the quorum is reached.

The head of the Export Confederation of Iran stated that there have been problems in the ministry in the past year صمت And especially the issue of cars, which is considered by MPs, but on the other hand, we must note that in the same period, foreign trade and exports of the country under the policy of facilitation of the government, especially the Ministry صمت And the Trade Development Organization has grown, and we have seen Iran’s foreign trade cross the $ 100 billion mark last year.

He said that in less than a year, both the export trend and the return of export currency have grown significantly, he said: the growth trend in these two sectors has led to the satisfaction of officials in various sectors, including central bank officials.

He said: “The growth of exports and the growth of currency returns resulting from the removal of obstacles caused by interaction between the ministry.” صمت And the central bank is obtained.

The head of the Export Confederation of Iran stated: Due to the size of the ministry صمت It looks like a one-year performance review to impeach the minister صمت This is not a good time and it is better to give more time to the minister due to the size of this ministry صمت to be given.

Lahouti stated that if a minister is fired during impeachment, a lot of time should be spent to introduce the next minister to the parliament; He said: “After the removal of a minister, the government should appoint a head for that ministry and then introduce a person as a proposed minister to the parliament, and therefore it will take between three to six months for the next proposed minister to take the helm of the ministry. During this period, the activities of a ministry will be stopped.

He added: “In the current situation of the country, which is also the issue of currency, foreign trade, market regulation and also price control due to the elimination of the preferred currency is a good time to impeach the minister.” صمت It does not and it seems that the delegates should have more interaction to solve the problems.

The head of the Export Confederation of Iran in response to the question of whether the performance of the ministry صمت In the field of foreign trade, he said: “According to the government’s roadmap for trade development with 15 neighboring countries, in the past year, the acceptance of delegations and the sending of bilateral delegations between countries has increased and our economic relations with Russia have increased.” Is.

He added: “According to the measures considered in the field of CIA countries.” اس We will definitely see an increase in trade in the coming months, while we must keep in mind that our country is under sanctions and the expansion of markets is a difficult and complex task, so it is important for us to pay attention to the peripheral countries in the current situation. It is the politics of the country.

He added: “We do not believe that the policies of the twelfth and thirteenth governments in the field of foreign trade have changed, but we emphasize the removal of obstacles in the thirteenth government because in this government, the removal of obstacles that we saw in the previous government has decreased.”

Lahouti stated: In the thirteenth government, the situation of directives and prohibitions has decreased overnight and Although There have been criticisms of the issue of mandatory pricing and the ban on some export goods and export duties, but overall the conditions for traders have become smoother than in the past.

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