Time to pay the mortgage loan

According to Tejaratnews, the mortgage loan, which faced an increase in the ceiling and is to be paid to the tenants by this year, today the method of payment of this loan goes to the banks so that the mortgage payment assistance will be operational soon.

ایسنا He wrote that the housing deposit loan loan entered the country’s banking network in 1399, and for this year, banks are obliged to pay for these facilities. Of course, the ceiling of these facilities for this year in Tehran, provincial centers and cities with a population of over 200,000 and other cities is 100, 70 and 40 million Tomans, respectively.

Also, the repayment period of this facility, which will be granted from the bank resources subject to Article (4) of the Housing Production Leap Law (with a total ceiling of 40,000 billion Tomans in 1401), is a maximum of 5 years and its interest rate is 18%.

In the meantime, more than a month after the approval of the increase in the housing deposit ceiling, there were criticisms that the directive on the housing deposit facility has not been communicated to the banks.

In this regard, the announcement of the Central Bank indicates that the circular related to mortgage loans has been notified to the banks on 10 June, and the instructions on how to introduce the applicants should have been announced by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development. The Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and the relevant managers in the Central Bank were finalized.

Also, according to the announcement of the Central Bank, with the procedure presented by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development today and which was scheduled to be finalized and communicated to the banking network today, the payment of the housing deposit loan will be operational soon.

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