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According to Tejarat News, the stock market trading continued in the green range on the second day of this week so that the total index could recapture the channel of 1.6 million units. Of course, the total index had crossed the resistance of 1.6 million units on the 7th of January, but with the shock of Farzin entering the central bank, the market indicator fell to the lower channel.

However, today’s total index was able to reach the level of 1 million 635 thousand 226 units with a growth of 37 thousand 166 points, which is equivalent to 2.33 percent. At the same time, the equal weight index also increased by 10 thousand 315 points and reached 492 thousand 439 units with a growth of 2.14 percent.

It should be mentioned that the free floating indices of the first market and the second market increased by 2.15%, 2.36% and 2.29% respectively. On the other side of the market, the total over-the-counter index was facing a growth of 489 points and reached the level of 20,757 points.

Transaction value

Today, the total value of stock exchange transactions was 9,909 billion tomans, and over-the-counter transactions were 6,46 billion tomans. However, the value of micro market transactions today reached 10,443 billion tomans, which is the highest value of micro market transactions this year after the 7th of January transactions.

Inflow and outflow of money

On the second trading day of this week, the stock market was again able to witness the arrival of real money in the amount of 600 billion Tomans. The largest inflow of real money occurred today in the groups of oil products, metal ore extraction and banking, and the groups of automobiles, mass production and transportation witnessed the outflow of real money.

It should be noted that even today, fixed income funds recorded the outflow of real money in the amount of 654 billion tomans, and the stock market hopes to absorb this money.

Tomorrow’s stock market forecast

Capital market experts believe that the backwardness of the stock market has been relatively compensated compared to parallel markets. But what is the reason?

Market observers call the fluctuations of the dollar price as the main driver of the stock market these days. Although the free market dollar is not directly effective in the performance of companies, its psychological effect on all markets, including the stock market, is undeniable.

At the same time, the recent words of Economy Minister Ehsan Khandozi that the government does not want to keep the currency price constant, is taken as the government’s retreat from the harsh statements of the Central Bank Governor Mohammad Reza Farzin. Accordingly, the price of the dollar increased today and gave a growth signal to the stock market.

On the other hand, the monthly reports of companies have been published for some time and it shows that some listed companies have performed well.

In this way, it seems that the market is still susceptible to growth and will take help from many levers to move in an upward direction.

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