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Tourism diplomacy and its role in Ardabil 2023 event

Tourism diplomacy refers to the role of tourism for the development of interaction, convergence, peace and multilateral cooperation. The tourism industry is dependent on government policies in all dimensions and plays a very important role in political development, peace creation and expansion as well as economic growth and development. This industry can play a role as the most effective phenomenon in the development of public diplomacy of countries.

Eco region is one of the richest regions in the world, which has capacities, opportunities and suitable fields of cooperation in various fields. The common points and convergence between the countries of the region such as cultural, historical, religious commonalities, geographical proximity, ethnic ties and economic interests are much more and bolder than the points of difference and divergence between them, and these commonalities are the areas of convergence and cooperation between the countries of the region, especially cooperation in the field of Tourism improves security, health and environment.

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The introduction of eco-tourism capitals is an effective phenomenon to bring closer the nations of the region with a common historical background and also helps to strengthen economic exchanges. According to the general secretary of the organization, “Eco region earned about 49 billion dollars from international tourism, which is 2.7% of the global tourism income.” And this organization, in cooperation with the member governments, pays special attention to tourism to support the overall development process of the region and seeks to strengthen tourism to help increase the welfare of the people of these countries.

Ardabil has been chosen as the tourism capital of ECO member countries in 2023. The reason for this choice is the existence of rare gifts in different types of tourism, the geopolitical position of this province due to the common border with the Republic of Azerbaijan and the cultural, linguistic and religious commonalities with the Azeri people, as well as hosting thousands of cultural tourists from Turkey as the two main target countries. Foreign tourism.

However, the optimal use of this great opportunity to deal with negative publicity as the most important challenge of the country in the field of international tourism, requires a national view and prioritization of tourism diplomacy and inter-institutional cooperation of the country’s diplomacy with institutions active in the field of tourism.

What is certain is that tourism is considered the main axis of development in Ardabil, and the negative economic effects during the recession period of Corona show this. The people of Ardabil have opened a special account for the 2023 Ardabil event.
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