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Traffic restrictions on Shahid Avini highway

According to the police reporter of Fars News Agency; Colonel Mustafa Zainiwand announced the implementation of traffic restrictions on Sunday and Monday next week for 48 hours on Shahid Avini highway due to construction operations.

He continued: Due to the construction operation on Shahid Avini highway – Salman Farsi street area (construction of a non-level roundabout to fix an accident-prone point with a traffic jam by the Technical and Civil Deputy of Tehran Municipality), on this highway from 24:00 On Saturday, 17-10-1401, until 24:00 on Monday, 19-10-1401, traffic restrictions will be imposed by the Greater Tehran Traffic Police as follows:

A) The first ring of restrictions on Shahid Avini highway in the area of ​​Salman Farsi street (the project implementation site) will be as follows: 1- The east-west direction of Shahid Avini highway will be blocked at the location of Salman Farsi street and the traffic will flow into Salman Farsi street. It will be directed to enter Shahid Avini highway to the west after passing through Salman Farsi Square, Imam Hadi (AS) Square and Shahid Zahra Vand Street.

2- The west-east route of Shahid Avini highway will be blocked before the project implementation site, and the traffic load of this route, which has entered the highway from Shahid Rajaei street, will be directed to Salman Farsi street through Shahid Zohra Vand street, to cross the side North of the project site, enter the Shahid Avini highway to the west.

b) The second ring will impose restrictions on the east side of Shahid Avini highway and the west side of Shahid Rasouli highway (continuation of Shahid Avini highway): 1- In this ring, north-east and south-east access to Shahid Hashemi highway (former Saleh Abad) Shahid Rasouli highway (continuation of Shahid Avini highway) will be completely blocked. (Alternative route on the north-south route of Shahid Hashemi Highway: Allameh Asgari Boulevard to the east – Shahid Rajaee Street, as well as the alternative route on the south-north route of Shahid Hashemi Highway: all accesses in the northern sections of this place that have access to Shahid Rajaee Street.)

2- Direct access from the southern end of Imam Ali highway to Shahid Avini highway will be completely blocked. (Alternative route: Shahid Karimi highway to the north to the roundabout of Ibn Babouye street, then if necessary, turn south to Varamin street and Shahid Avini highway to the west) c) The third ring includes restrictions from Azadegan highway to It will be south: In this ring, the traffic limit will be applied only for trucks and other heavy vehicles in the north-south direction of Imam Ali (AS) highway on Azadegan bridge.

Alternative route: heavy vehicle traffic from north to east on Imam Ali highway before Azadegan bridge, continue on Azadegan highway to the west to Shahid Rajaei bridge, and continue to south using the west to south loop. .

Recommendation: Respected drivers of Varamin and other satellite cities south-east of Tehran, such as Amin Abad and Qarchak, are requested to return from Tehran to these cities as much as possible within 48 hours, to apply restrictions on Shahid Avini highway, from the alternative route of Azadegan highway to On the east side, use Shahid Najafi Rostgar Highway, Imam Reza (AS) Road to Siman Bridge.

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