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Transfer of two Baluchi black bear cubs to Pardisan Park

According to Fars news agency’s community group, Dawood Mirshkar, director general of environmental protection of Sistan and Baluchistan province, announced the transfer of two black bear cubs discovered from smugglers to Pardisan Park of Environmental Protection Organization.

Mireshkar said: These two black bear cubs were discovered and seized from a passenger bus by the Shahid Salari police station in Gonabad city and after going through legal procedures, they were handed over to the General Department of Environmental Protection of Sistan and Baluchistan.

He continued: After going through the administrative procedures and sincere cooperation, the Zabul research institute was temporarily in charge of the protection and care of the bear cubs with the supervision and cooperation of this general department.

The Director General of Environmental Protection of the province added: During the delivery of the species and medical examinations by the veterinarians and specialists of the said center, they noticed decay and infection in the canine teeth of the lower jaw of the female bear cub, which was kept under the supervision of the veterinarians and specialists of that center.

He added: Over time, in addition to tooth infection, swelling in the upper and lower jaw also appeared, which was prescribed and used according to the experts and veterinarians of this center, but a complete recovery was not achieved, and the need for examination and specialized examinations was raised. Due to the lack of wildlife treatment facilities and equipment in the province and in consultation with the Environmental Protection Organization, it was decided to transfer the species to Pardisan Park Clinic.

Mireshkar continued: According to the coordination and cooperation, the bear cubs with the names of the female “Nika” and the male “Nima” were transferred by Zahedan-Tehran flight and the cubs were transferred to the Pardisan Park of the Environmental Protection Organization.

Mireshkar continued: It is worth mentioning that during the medical examinations of the bear cubs at the time of delivery, in addition to the problem of tooth infection and upper and lower jaw inflammation in the female bear cub (Nika), traces of injury and abuse on the upper jaw of the male bear cub (Nima) ) which shows the persecution of this species during captivity by wildlife smugglers.

Mireshkar pointed out: The black bear is distributed in the provinces of Kerman, Hormozgan and Sistan and Baluchistan. The distribution of this species in the province of Sistan and Baluchistan is mostly in the heights of Makran mountains which extend from the west to Kerman and Hormozgan and from the east to the central heights of Makran in Pakistan. Bezman Heights located in the prohibited hunting area of ​​Bezman, Birk Mountain Heights located in the Birak Forest Protected Area, Pozak Forest Protected Area Heights in Nikshahr and Qasrqand and Bahuklat Protected Area Heights and Habitats are among the habitats that this kind of observation and registered.

The Director General of Environmental Protection of Sistan and Baluchistan explained: The black bear is one of the endangered species of the Environmental Protection Organization in terms of protection, and it is in the “Vulnerable” (UV) category of the IUCN Red List in the world, but the Baluchi subspecies of the black bear (Ursus thibetanus gedrosianus) is in the “Critically Endangered” (CR) category and is included in the CITES Convention.

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