Transparency of 5 stock exchange publishers in Kadal

Sabzevar Lar Cement Company announced significant changes in the performance of controlled companies (Sabzevar Cement Stock Company-Private Joint Stock Company).

The company said in a statement that within the framework of the memorandum of understanding between Sabzevar Cement Stock Company and Mr. Farzin Talebian, in exchange for buying a property competitor with tourism use, it has a property deed with an area of ​​40,18 square meters, part of Sabzevar Cement Stock Company ( Subsidiary company) and has been assigned a value of 150 billion Tomans (for a part of the transaction price).

Considering the price of all the transferred properties in the amount of 6.78 billion Tomans, the amount of 8.2 billion Tomans in the gross profit of Sabzevar Cement (Private Joint Stock) Subsidiary Company has become Sabzevar Lar Cement Subsidiary.


Pardis Petrochemical Company announced that in the auction, 9.7 million shares (equivalent to 97%) were originally represented by a lawyer, including 4.7 million shares (equivalent to 47%) owned by Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group, 50 million shares (equivalent to 50%) owned by Persian Gulf Petrochemical Company. After the reopening of the envelope on 11 December 1400, Pardis Petrochemical Company has been identified as the winner of the auction.

The agreed amount is 8.22 billion tomans and the settlement method has been determined in cash. Also, the net book value of transferred assets has been announced as 40.49 billion Tomans.


Niroo Investment Company announced in a statement entitled “Transparency regarding rumors, news or published reports” that according to paragraph 3 of the 98th meeting of the company’s board of directors on October 8, 1400 regarding the decision to acquire the full ownership of Satrap Gostar Niroo through The purchase of shares of the company from the minority shareholder of the company at the expert price, is summoned. Dated on 12 December 1400 and based on the expert price in the amount of 19.18 billion tomans.

In this transaction, at the same time as concluding the contract, the amount of 12 billion tomans was paid through an interbank encrypted check and the rest of the transaction price, as well as the claims of Mr. Tohid Abdi from Satrap Gostar Niroo Company during two checks, amounted to 7.1 billion tomans and 4.47 billion, respectively. One billion tomans were paid and settled on January 11, 2014.

It should be noted that taking into account the above, the amount of ownership of the group of Niroo Investment Company (Public Joint Stock Company) in Satrap Gostar Niroo Company (Private Joint Stock Company) increased from 70% to 100%.


Iran Radiator Company announced an increase in the price of all products sold to Tabriz Tractor Manufacturing Company by 15% from July 1, 1400.


Iran-Arqam Company, the results of the auction for the sale of six units of a residential unit located in Tehran with a base price of 22.59 billion Tomans according to the advertisements published on 09/14/1400 and also the sale of six units of a residential unit located in Kish Island at the base price of each unit 53 meters in the amount of 1.7 billion Tomans and the base price of each 77-meter unit in the amount of 2.3 billion Tomans, according to an advertisement in Hamshahri and “Dunya-e-Eqtesad” newspapers and the local Kish newspaper called “Eqtesad Kish” on 14/09/1400 .

Accordingly, on 04/10/1400, the members of the auction commission of this company, according to the highest bid price, announced Farhangian Investment Company as the winner of the auction and sold an apartment located on Fereshteh St. in Tehran and 4 apartments located on Kish Island for a total of 62 / 30 billion tomans agreed to him.

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