Transparency of “Kerman” for shareholders

According to Tejarat News, Kerman Development and Civil Investment Company with the symbol of “Kerman” is located in the first OTC market; The Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders of the fiscal year ending 31/03/1400 of Kerman Development and Civil Investment Company was held on Monday, January 27, 2014, to elect the board of directors. The forum provoked a lot of reactions by releasing a video of the clash during the rally.

Following the rumors published in cyberspace and in order to fulfill the rights of the shareholders of Kerman Development and Civil Investment Company, it announced in a statement: The company has invited the shareholders to the assembly according to the rules of the commercial law and in the first turn the assembly did not reach the quorum. Therefore, it has been extended to the second assembly.

The purpose was to force the board

During the last few weeks, a group of small shareholders of the company, centered on a person who in the past had similar and disgusting behavior in various forums, including the Iranian Leasing Association, tried to force the major shareholders of the company to vote for the group’s candidates. Participate. This person, who used to be an employee of Tejarat Bank, after leaving the bank, abused the secret information and spread the rumor of Iran Tick Leasing, which, of course, was an excuse to raise the share price and sell his shares to others at high prices.

This group of shareholders, due to the lack of results from attracting votes, ridiculously tried to convene the second meeting, which is applicable by law with any proportion of shareholders, before the deadline and before the presence of the board of directors and shareholders of the company and even The presence of the representative of the official auditor.

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They deliberately wanted the meeting to be postponed

According to the videos released before the meeting, the representative of the disruptive group tried to start the meeting by occupying the tables installed in the meeting place without considering the legal arrangements and without voting from the shareholders and the presence of the auditor’s representative and the statutory inspector. This was met with protests from the present shareholders and the arrangements of the assembly hall, which unfortunately led to the creation of inappropriate scenes of inflammation of the disruptive group, which tried to be present at any cost behind the tables of the board of the assembly. In the presence of the main shareholder of the company, they were unable to get results. They tried to postpone the meeting by disrupting the meeting so that they could get more votes in the coming days, which led to unreasonable violence by the members of this group.

With the presence of shareholders and the company’s board of directors and representatives of the stock exchange and the company’s legal auditor and voting to elect the board of directors, the assembly entered the order while approving the financial statements and items on the agenda, counting the votes of the company’s board away from tension and controversy. Took.

Market participants and shareholders of companies hate any disorder and lawlessness and call on all shareholders to follow their demands through legal channels and commercial law and within the framework of the instructions of the stock exchange organization.

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