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Travel currency quota changed

According to the monetary financial news, according to the announcement published in the Senate system, the travel currency quota has been changed and according to it, the amount of travel currency sold by exchange offices has been set at 2,000 Euros for countries with visas and 300 Euros for countries without visas. .

This action of the Central Bank is in order to organize the sale of travel currency; Previously, according to the Central Bank’s instructions, for all travelers, whether by air, land or sea, to travel to countries that require a visa or otherwise, the same was 2,200 euros or 2,400 dollars.

However, inspections by surveillance agencies and public reports indicated some violations in this regard, and based on the decisions made by the monetary watchdog, it was decided that the central bank should make changes in the travel topics, according to the government’s task.

Accordingly, travel currency headings are divided into three categories: travel vouchers with a visa of 2,000 euros, air travel without a visa with 300 euros, and land, rail and sea travel with 300 euros.

The Central Bank has emphasized that this measure has been taken in order to organize the sale of travel currency and there is no shortage of currency in this regard./IRNA

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