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Turning Kerman into one of the national tourism hubs

Kerman province, with eight world heritage sites and thousands of historical attractions in the field of cultural heritage and tourism, is one of the leading provinces of the country in this field, which by implementing short and long-term policies and programs has become one of the national tourism hubs and succeeded in significantly increasing the number of tourists to this region. The province has been in the current year.

Diyar Kariman, with its ancient civilization history and different climates, is considered one of the important tourist destinations, although in the past years, due to various reasons, it has not been able to achieve the position it deserves.

Kerman should be known as the land of wonders and historical and natural attractions, for example, the temperature difference of 36 degrees between cold and warm regions of this province in one season is a rare opportunity to attract tourists to Kerman.

Almost all cities and villages of Kerman have their own unique attractions in the fields of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts, some of which are world famous.

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The field of cultural heritage and tourism industry in Kerman is under the shadow of other sectors such as mining, industry and agriculture, while considering the opportunities and capacities, tourism can bring the most income to this province with the least cost.

In recent years, with the attention of the government and officials, as well as the serious entry of the private sector into the field of cultural heritage and tourism, good things have happened in Kerman and many places and buildings have entered the tourism cycle of this province, such as Vakil Caravanserai Hotel, Samandhi and The restoration of the Bam citadel, Prince’s garden, etc. can be seen.

The creation and improvement of infrastructure with appropriate investment, along with serious efforts to introduce tourist attractions and the emergence of new sectors such as resistance tourism and health tourism, along with hosting the warm-hearted people of Diyar Kariman, has brought an increase in domestic tourists.

79% increase in domestic tourist travel statistics to Kerman province

Kerman province turning Kerman into one of the national tourism hubs

Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Kerman, referring to the significant increase in the arrival of domestic tourists to Kerman, said: According to the statistics of staying in hotels and accommodation places, during the first three months and this spring, 81,395 domestic tourists visited the attractions of this province. which has grown by 79% compared to the same period last year.

Fereydoun Akaki stated: Good infrastructure has been provided for investment in the tourism sector of Kerman province, which will lead to longer stay of travelers, increase of stay and turning Kerman into a tourist destination.

Referring to the decrease in the number of foreign tourists arriving in Kerman province, he said: 972 foreign tourists have traveled to Kerman province in the first three months of this year, which is a 27% decrease compared to the same period last year.

Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Kerman added: The decrease in the arrival of foreign tourists to the country, the lack of foreign flights to Kerman and some other problems have caused us to see fewer foreign tourists.

He pointed out: In order to join this province to the tourism triangle of Yazd, Isfahan and Shiraz, meetings have been held with tour operators to place Kerman next to these three provinces so that the tourism square of these regions is formed.

The activist continued: The capacities have been activated in the discussion of health tourism and historical and cultural tourism in Kerman, and we must plan for the presence of tourists in Kerman province for various events.

Investment of 70 thousand billion rials in the tourism sector of Kerman province

He pointed out: We support any tourism plan that preserves the originality and frameworks we want and does not conflict with the standards of cultural heritage, and currently about 70 thousand billion Rials are being invested in the tourism sector of Kerman. we have.

Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Kerman Province said: Karvanika Hotel, Hiva Hotel and Baft Hotel and Gehr Park Sirjan project have been put into operation in the first phase and a large number of projects in the field of cultural heritage and tourism will be opened by the end of this year. .

He emphasized: Also, the discussion of informing and introducing tourism capacities of Kerman province is targeted to attract more tourists.

Stating that travel service offices are the link between other tourism facilities, an activist said: Currently, 68 travel service offices are active in Kerman, and three more offices were added to Kerman’s tourism cycle during the government week.

Picking up and opening 39 thousand billion cultural heritage projects in the government week

Kerman Province 1. Kerman's transformation into one of the national tourism hubs

He pointed out that 18 projects with a credit amounting to 39 thousand and 20 billion Rials were opened during the week of the government and the opening of these projects will create jobs for 430 people.

Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Kerman continued: Also, in order to introduce more attractions of this province, at the same time as the exhibition of the government’s achievements, this General Directorate also displayed the results of its activities in the form of clips, teasers and promotional items.

The increase in the number of domestic tourists is a bright spot in the fruition of the efforts made for the prosperity of this income-generating industry, and it is important that this success in attracting foreign tourists should also be reported.

Kerman, with eight world-registered works, has the highest number of world-registered works in the country among the provinces of the country.

Bam citadel (the largest adobe structure in the world), Dastkand Maimand village, which is several thousand years old, the beautiful Shazdeh or Prince Mahan garden with the unique features of the garden and the architecture of its building, the Lut desert plain, which is the oldest door in the world from this desert in the Shahdad region. The three aqueducts “Goharreez” of Jopar in Kerman city, “Akbarabad” and “Qasim Abad” in Bam city, as well as the village of Daristan Sirjan and this city, as the origin of Sirjan’s Shirki carpet weaving, are among the works of the world register of Kerman province.

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