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Two killed and injured in an electric shock accident on Azadegan Highway

Jalal Maleki, spokesman for the Tehran Fire Department, in an interview with Fars News Agency, about the electric shock incident on Azadegan Highway, said: At around 10 pm tonight, an electric shock occurred on the west-east route of Azadegan Highway after Firoozabad Road through the 125 system. A fire was reported.

He added: “Immediately, the forces of a fire station were sent to the scene and it was found that the boom of a crane device collided with an electric cable while moving a canopy and two people were electrocuted, which was double due to the rain.”

A spokesman for the Tehran Municipality Fire Department said: “As a result of this incident, two brothers who were present in this crane were severely electrocuted, one of whom lost his life and the other was taken to the hospital in a critical condition by emergency forces.”

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