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Two ways of independence facing steel to continue cooperation with Rezavand

According to Fars News Agency’s sports correspondent, Arash Rezavand, the midfielder of Esteghlal team, went to Foolad on loan last season, and his performance in this team resulted in staff satisfaction. That is why the Steel Club wants to continue the presence of this player among Nekounam’s students.

Esteghlal Club has no objection to Rezavand’s continued activity in Foolad, but it is said that there are two ways for the South Club to do so.

Esteghlal midfielder can play for Foolad if Alireza Koushki wears a blue shirt in the new season or Foolad Club confirms his transfer by buying Rezavand.

Thus, it seems that Rezavand will not be able to operate on loan in Foolad, and it remains to be seen what the future of the two clubs’ negotiations will be.

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