What are the disadvantages of sunlight for the car?

Staying in the summer sun for a while can be very stressful for the occupants when they want to ride it again.

The car turns into an oven for the occupants after staying and enduring the sunlight. But is it harmful for the car to stay in the sun?

The answer is: unfortunately yes. Sunlight is harmful to the inside and outside of the car.

Inside, one of the points that has the most direct contact with the sun is the car dashboard. Intensity of sunlight and ultraviolet rays intensify when hitting the windshield, which can cause the dashboard to fade.

Also, if your seats are made of leather, the same problem can occur with car seats. It is noteworthy that there are more than 275 types of toxic substances in the car due to the kind of chemicals used to make the interior.

These substances constantly emit gases that are considered toxic substances. For example, when you buy a new car, the new smell of the car is due to the emission of these gases. But sunlight can intensify their evaporation, and this is not interesting at all. This can also be detrimental to the color of your car.

Direct and constant sunlight can damage the color of your car and also discolor plastic parts outside the car such as bumpers and fenders. It is recommended that you park the car in the shade if you can to keep yourself and the car healthy. You can also use a windshield cover to block out the sun inside the car.

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