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US military confesses to killing civilians in Kabul

According to IRNA, McKenzie told a news conference at the Pentagon broadcast on CNN that the US military investigation into the deadly drone strikes in Kabul in August showed that 10 civilians had been killed in the attack. And the driver and the targeted vehicle were probably not a threat from the Khorasan branch of ISIS.
The US military official admitted that the attack was a mistake and then apologized.
The commander of the US Central Command further claimed that the attack was carried out with the aim of preventing imminent threats to our forces and the evacuation process at the airport, but this attack was wrong and I offer my sincere apologies.
McKenzie lamented that he would take full responsibility for the attack and its tragic consequences.
According to IRNA, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken admitted in a meeting in the US Senate in response to questions from the Republican senator from the state of Kentucky that he did not know that an ISIL force or aid worker had been targeted by a US drone strike in Afghanistan.
Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Powell asked Blinken at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting about a U.S. drone strike on ISIS positions that killed 10 civilians, including seven children.
The Republican senator asked if the person targeted in the drone strike in Afghanistan was a relief worker or an ISIL operative. The US Secretary of State replied: I do not know.
Blinken went on to say that the matter would be reconsidered.
The secretary of state added that the government was reviewing the issue and promised a full assessment.
Pentagon spokesman John Kirby also said the attack was carried out to prevent an imminent attack on Kabul airport.
The United States did not target an ISIS vehicle in its latest drone strike near Kabul airport as it left Afghanistan.
The Pentagon first described the attack as a successful mission to prevent another bombing at Kabul airport. In the first ISIL attack on Kabul airport, 13 US troops and at least 169 Afghans were killed on August 26 while evacuating US forces.
New York Times interviews and videos show that a U.S. rapper drone struck a vehicle in Kabul on August 29 (September 7) that the U.S. military claimed was carrying explosives, killing a paramedic and his family.
The New York Times reported that a US airstrike on Kabul under the pretext of targeting a suicide car belonging to ISIL in the country killed an employee of an American aid group and his family; The incident has fueled speculation that the Pentagon is lying about the attack.
The American media continued: “The mistake about the identities of the people targeted is the image of the Biden administration.”
The tumultuous withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan has further devastated. The US withdrawal left hundreds of US citizens and thousands of Afghans at risk in Afghanistan.
Zemari Ahmadi and nine members of his family, including seven children, were killed in a US airstrike on August 29, a day before the Americans evacuated from Kabul. This news was confirmed by the brother of the killed person in an interview with the New York Times.
For the past 14 years, Zamari Ahmadi has worked as an engineer for a California-based charity and an international educational institution. The relief group had requested that he be transferred to the United States as an asylum seeker.


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