Van Pars head coach: We had the most difficult draw for the FA Cup/ my players die for each other

According to the sports reporter of Tasnim news agency, after his team’s defeat against Persepolis in the round of 16 of the FA Cup, Mojtaba Totoni said: I thank my players for their 120-minute and extraordinary effort against the very good Persepolis team, and I congratulate the good team of Persepolis and Yahya Golmohammadi. . Persepolis is at the top of the Premier League and is playing a really good game.

Referring to the hard work of Van Pars Isfahan in today’s match (Tuesday), he stated: We knew we had a very difficult game since the draw of the Premier League. We were faced with the most difficult draw possible for the FA Cup, but the motivation of our players to provide good quality made us go ahead in penalty kicks and lose to a good Persepolis team.

The head coach of Van Pars stated that his players in the first division league also have a motivation like meeting Persepolis and said: When I took over the team in the ninth week, Van Pars was at the bottom and we climbed seven places from that week. Now we are in the 10th place in the table, but we are 9 points away from the second team in the table, and you can be sure that in the second half of the season, we will do our best to advance to the Premier League.

“My team’s kids play very good football in League One and they give their lives for each other like in today’s game.”, Totoni said while saying this: these conditions caused five victories and three get a draw This is the result of the efforts of our players and I am sure that this situation will continue. I hope we will reach our goals in League One.

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