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Volleyball Nations League Effect: We lost to the Brazilian experience / we rushed a bit

According to the sports reporter of Fars News Agency, Mehdi Jelveh, after the end of the seventh competition of the national team of Iran in the 2022 Nations League, stated: I tell the players of the team not to get tired that they presented a good game. After the victory of the United States, we were very determined to bring the result of victory to the team in this match as well, but in a series of high scores, the experience of the Brazilian players and the haste of the Iranian players made the game end in their favor.

Emphasizing the good analysis they had of the opposing team, he said: “We are preparing for tomorrow’s match to play with much better conditions and get a better result.”

The teams of Iran and Brazil met this evening (Friday, July 23) in the fourth group of the League of Nations in Sofia, and the students of Behrouz Atai lost to their powerful opponent 3-0.

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