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Warning: Beware of fake ChatGPT apps

The hacker community wants to surf on the ChatGPT chatbot by exploiting its popularity. Based on this, we see the release of fake ChatGPT applications in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Programs that can steal all your personal information and you should stay away from there!

According to Aetna’s Hamshahri Online report, it was not unexpected that profit-seeking people wanted to exploit the popular chat bot of OpenAI company. While deceiving users, these fake programs also steal their personal information and files behind the scenes. These programs also provide users with very high monthly subscriptions.


Fake ChatGPT applications

As the Top10VPN website says, there are hundreds of fake GPT chats on Google Play and the App Store. Despite the fact that OpenAI’s chatbot is still available in the form of a web version and has no official app, hackers have developed fake versions that many users have installed on their phones! But what are the names of these applications?


Fake ChatGPT applications on Android

AI Chat Companion
ChatGPT 3: ChatGPT AI
Talk GPT – Talk to ChatGPT
ChatGPT AI Writing Assistant
Open Chat – AI Chatbot App


GPT Face Chat applications on IOS

Open Chat – AI Chatbot
Wisdom AI – Your AI Assistant
Chat AI: Personal AI Assistant
Alfred – Chat with GPT 3
TalkGPT – Talk to ChatGPT
Write For Me GPT AI Assistant
Genie – GPT AI Assistant

Many of the services that are provided to users for free by JPT chatbot are offered to users by these fake apps for huge amounts of money. For example, one of the applications asks $290 per week from its users, which will be $15,000 per year! While offering all the features of the free version of ChatGPT! If you need more features, you can use the paid version of OpenAI’s GPT Plus chat, which is available for $20 per month.

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