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We collected 400 bombs, some of which were supposed to explode in Muharram

Farsplus; Other media – Sidas Ismail Khatib, Minister of Information of the 13th government, in his first appearance on a TV show, in his first appearance on a television program, in response to the question of what is your definition of the Ministry of Information, as the Minister of Information, said: The Ministry of Information is the fruit of our Islamic Revolution and It is on the threshold of the 40th anniversary of its establishment, the Ministry of Intelligence was formed in 1963 based on the approval of the parliament and the law and by the integration of various intelligence institutions, and it tries to be an intelligence service at the level of the name of the Islamic Republic and to be a group that can be compared to it. It ensures the security of our system, country and nation. I also need to mention the late Ray Shahri, who was the founder of this collection, and what we have is the savings and motivational spirit of people who worked hard and even died in this collection.

He further stated: The forces of the Ministry of Intelligence are usually selected from among the revolutionary, risk-taking, brave, committed, selfless and jihadist people who give themselves day and night to ensure the security of the system. Considering the extent of sensitivities that all intelligence agencies have towards the progress and authority of this country, naturally one of the important functions in providing security is the responsibility of the Ministry of Information. As the head of the country’s intelligence coordination council, with the help and synergy with the intelligence and security community, this organization has used all its efforts to deal with any conspiracy aimed at depriving the peace of our society and people, and provides conditions that this Peace be established.

The Minister of Information also reminded: this ministry has practically undertaken five functions in the fight against the Zionist regime and the domination system, terrorism, subversives, espionage and influence, economic corruption and fighting inefficiency, and it still considers it its duty to work with the intelligence elites and protect the people. And the assets of our beloved country and synergism with intelligence organizations and people’s information and active in secret and unofficial diplomacy can work to improve the security of the country and the authority of the country at the regional and world level.

In response to the question of what did you predict about the events of the country last year and whether you had given the necessary warnings, Khatib said: Security and intelligence estimates are usually presented to the officials during the Ayatollah Raisi’s term every year, and this has also happened in these two years. It has been and is usually emphasized by the intelligence community, and this report is not only the view of the Ministry of Information, but it is an estimate of information and security issues by all intelligence agencies of the country. In the explanatory statement that we published with the IRGC, the parts before, after and during the chaos were discussed there, but naturally there are some points that surprises strengthen the chaos with the absence of that chaos, and this happened last year.

He also clarified: We had predicted that the three sides of intelligence services, think tanks and quasi-governmental organizations abroad and organizations that are considered opponents of the regime due to separatism or terrorism and due to their dependence on the former regime towards the regime and the nation We have a subversive position, they designed decisions at the end of the year 1400, the documentation of which is available, and we hope that with the help of the other information and broadcasting community, we can turn it into a series or a movie and present it to the people, they have more than 50 services. Intelligence held different meetings in different countries and on different dates and trained more than 200 media for this task, they predicted their own subversive movements with the help of quasi-governmental organizations to train them and actually with the help of cyberspace and media tools. They were able to set up this fitna, conspiracy and chaos.

In another part of the program, Khatib said: In the history of the independence of the country and the revolution, those who could not see the progress, authority, self-reliant growth and dynamism of the nation tried to subvert with various seditions and had a subversive view from the very beginning of the revolution. Since they could not achieve their goal, they put pressure on the people in other ways through coups, war, embargo, cultural invasion and incidents that occurred in 1988 and 1998, and they tried to turn it into chaos if there was any disagreement or protest. to have subversive results.

This security official pointed out that the enemies in their own think tanks considered 14 reasons for their lack of success, and stated: Therefore, based on that, they put together a combined war, and we are witnessing that they continued to pursue terrorist actions alongside riotous actions.

He stated that there is no one who wants the destruction of his country, whether he is in favor of or against the conditions of governance, and stated: Therefore, what causes chaos and damage, or what targets assets and disrupts economic growth, is profit. that the enemy takes from these sources of pleasure and dissatisfaction.

In response to the question of whether the protests could have been stopped, he said: Whatever happens to a member of our nation, of any ethnicity or gender, they are still our nation and they are dear to us. You see, he says that if we make an effort to create peace and security in our country, it is in the direction of being able to provide the basis for promoting progress and cutting off the hands of the people. If you have seen the announcements of the Ministry of Intelligence, basically a few of these enemies gather together to kill someone so that they can make a killing. We collected bombs, so that more than 40 of them would explode in the Heaths during the Muharram decade.

In response to the question why the enemy targeted the hijab in his last attempt, the Minister of Information said: Our nation may have expectations from various economic, social and cultural dimensions, some of which have not been met, and naturally there is dissatisfaction. It is known that the enemy is also a good surfer and exploits those things. We have a duty to be able to follow up and plan these in a way that people’s expectations will be fulfilled.

Also, in response to the question why the actions and arrangements of the Ministry of Information are not taken into account by the media, he reminded: I accept the weakness of the media, but consider that when you are on the side of 200 media that rely on the unlimited funds of the world. And next to it, you have a radio station and some valuable and revolutionary media and jihadi activists in the virtual space, these are not comparable in terms of appearance and quality.

Khatib also stated: These more than 50 information services in this year, their budget is more than the budget of our country, of course, these information services are of two categories, one is a proxy that usually provides the burden of larger services and the other is the main services, the main services that are against The intelligence services of England, the Zionist regime, and the United States are active in our country, and they divide and direct the activities.

In the end, regarding what these services are looking for in our country, he said: They came looking for subversion, they opened a weapons factory near our border, and we saw that all the products were being smuggled to Iran, a semi-independent region of the Iraqi Kurdistan region has been centralized. For the services of the world, once in a while we see that all the dead separatists come to life there, or a country like Germany gathers all the flags opposing Iran in one square, or the president of a country says that there has been a revolution in Iran.

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