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We disrupted the Chinese team order / Kazemi ‘s injury was a shock for Iran – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency and quoting the Volleyball Federation, the Iranian national volleyball team advanced to the final match of the Asian Men’s Championship with a 3: 1 victory over China and the sixth consecutive victory.

Behrouz Atai described his students’ game against China as hard and said: “We predicted a hard game.” We played against a team that did not participate in the League of Nations to prepare for the Asian Men’s Championship.

He stated that the performance of the Chinese team showed the quality of this team, adding: “China had previously defeated the Japanese national team with a result of 3-0 and has appeared very strong in these competitions.” For this reason, we tried to examine the performance of this team and find its strengths and weaknesses.

Explaining the strengths of the Chinese team and how the students controlled the team, the head coach of the Iranian national volleyball team said: “China was very good in offensive work and the service is risky.” The two Chinese tall strikers performed very well, however, I think except for the second set, and especially in the third and fourth sets, we disrupted the Chinese team order to the point that the team made frequent mistakes in the fourth set, and fortunately using the opponent’s mistakes. , We got the necessary result.

He continued: During this game, both teams were pressured. From the beginning of the competition until before the game against China, the Iranian team had few errors, but today, due to the high pressure of the game in the first to third sets, the Iranian team had 11 to 12 mistakes in each set, which showed the sensitivity and high pressure of the game.

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Atai, however, also spoke about the two problems of the Iranian national team in the game against China and said: “We also had two problems against the opponent.” The day before, Meysam Salehi was injured and today, despite his pain, he played with zeal and his performance was defensible.

He continued: “Another problem was the injury of Saber Kazemi during the pre-match warm-up of the nose.” He was bleeding profusely from the nose so that part of the field became bloody and delayed the start of the game by 10 minutes. Due to severe bleeding from Saber’s nose, we could not use him in the first and second sets, but Amin Ismailnejad performed very well.

The head coach of the national volleyball team said: Saber shock injured the team and disrupted the initial composition of the Iranian team. Despite the pain and bleeding of Kazemi’s nose, the team doctor brought him to play, and Kazemi played with great effort and zeal.

Expressing satisfaction with the teamwork of his students in the semifinals, Atai added: “Fortunately, the teamwork of the team was very good.” All the children contributed to the team cohesion in some way. I am happy that this game ended in favor of the Iranian national team. All the efforts of the players are to create happiness for the people of Iran, and I hope that with the good prayers of the people, we will bring great happiness to our dear nation.


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