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Stability of communication network is essential at the beginning of the school year – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the Ministry of Communications, Issa Zarepour said in a separate meeting with the board members of Hamrah Aval and Irancell: “I believe that many problems in the atmosphere of empathy and cooperation can be solved both at the ministry level and at the government level.” A national consensus has been formed to grow the industry, and with this consensus and empathy, we can hope that many of the problems facing operators will be resolved.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, emphasizing that the central program of the Ministry of Communications in the new period is the completion of the national information network, said: the role of operators is prominent for the realization of this program, and if Pie operators If this does not work, this program will not be realized.

Obstacle Working Group Development The infrastructure of the operators is formed

“We assure that we will use all the necessary capacities to solve the problems of the operators, but the support and Protection Ministry of Communications from Operators One the part It is work and the solution is part of the problems within the operators themselves and it is necessary for the operators to review their productivity structures, investments and macro policies.

In order to solve the problems facing the operators, Zarehpour ordered a special working group to investigate the obstacles and provide the necessary solutions for Development Establish operator infrastructure.

The Minister of Communications stated: “The non-increase of tariffs in the past years has caused many problems for operators, but it is not possible and we can not review the tariffs at once, but if necessary, a convincing appendix and appropriate media should be prepared so that people can accompany this issue.” .

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology pointed to the strategic position of information technology in the 13th government and said: “Fortunately, the government and the president pay special attention to communication and information technology and one of the clauses of the 13th government pact signed by ministers at the beginning of the government.” ، Development Information technology and its application is in the scope of work of ministries. The spirit of the anti-corruption document read by the government is the use of information technology.

Referring to Irancell’s successful experience in attracting foreign investors, he said: “We can use this experience in other sectors and with the cooperation of operators.” log in Provide foreign investor.

In response to some complaints about the municipalities’ treatment of BTS operators’ sites, Zarepour ordered a report on the destruction of the operators’ telecommunication sites so that this issue could be followed up in appropriate ways.

لزوم Development Capabilities of e-learning systems

Referring to the beginning of the school year and the role of operators, especially the first companion in the virtual education of students, the Minister of Communications said: At the moment The “Shad” platform has been accepted as part of the official e-learning in the country, and a lot of efforts have been made in this area by Hamrah Aval.

He added: “Considering the start of schools, operators should work to stabilize and increase the capacity of the country’s communication network, as well as to solve problems and Development The capabilities of e-learning systems to act quickly to make people feel confident and calm at the beginning of the school year, especially students’ parents.

At the beginning of these two separate meetings, the CEOs of the mobile operators, their deputies and members of the Board of Directors expressed their views.


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