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We provide unlimited facilities/ The master plan of each province has been prepared to introduce priorities

According to Aria Heritage report, the closing ceremony of the first conference and exhibition of tourism investment opportunities of Gilan province was held in the central hall of Rasht city in the presence of Seyed Ezzatullah Zarghami, Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts and provincial officials.

During the ceremony, Engineer Zarghami said: Some invest their capital in the brokerage way, and others invest their capital in a land like Gilan to provide services and economic development of the country, and this is very valuable and appreciable.

The Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, stating that Gilan province is a showcase of great Iran, added: This province is one of the leading and special provinces in the country with 220 nationally registered works, more than 300 historical buildings and a variety of handicrafts.

Emphasis on the motivation and removal of obstacles for investors

Engineer Zarghami also stated that Gilan is full of various advantages and there is no need to create and produce advantages, he said: the most important issue in the success of investors is advantage, motivation and removing obstacles, which all these advantages naturally exist in Gilan province. . In this regard, most of the duties of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage have been directly delegated to the provinces. This ministry has provided sufficient facilities and authority to the General Administration of Cultural Heritage of the provinces of the country, and all the powers of the Minister are held by the Director General of the General Administrations of Cultural Heritage of the provinces.

The payment of facilities by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage is unlimited

The Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, referring to the allocation of 10,000 billion Tomans from the sources of note 18, said: The Ministry of Cultural Heritage is the only ministry that provides the necessary facilities to applicants for any number of cases without any ceiling or restrictions.

He also emphasized on the identification and introduction of priorities in each province and added: A comprehensive plan has been made for each province to introduce priorities, which has prevented any parallel work and neutralization.

Removing obstacles is one of the orientations of the 13th government

Engineer Zarghami named the elimination of obstacles as one of the directions of the 13th government and stated: The planning councils are in trouble and should do their work as quickly as possible and avoid confusion.

The Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism said: “The investor is not to blame, someone who is a capitalist and an investor has a divine gift.” We should not change our cultural outlook and in this context managers should seek to remove investors’ obstacles with respect.

Continuing his speech, he stated that Gilan does not need to advertise to attract tourists, and said: the million volume of tourists entering this province is like the threat of a tsunami, which of course is well managed.

We are behind in making people happy

He stated that all relevant institutions should be mobilized to attract investors, and added: “Unfortunately, we are lagging behind in the discussion of happiness and the creation of amusement parks, which causes this happiness to be expressed in an inappropriate way.” In this context, it should be noted that entertainment facilities are quick, attractive and sweet.

The Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts also pointed to the accumulated waste in Gilan province and continued: Unfortunately, the areas around the roads of Gilan have become garbage dumps, and the president also emphasizes the issue of waste management in Gilan.
He stated that in the second step of the revolution, the sensitivity of the province towards the preservation of the environment and the forest should be doubled, adding: the most important relative advantage of Gilan is the forest, garden and the environment, and we should not allow businessmen to change the use of agricultural land and natural environment. .

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