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What are the side effects of taking Hirtamine tablets? (be careful)

Do you also suffer from hair loss? Statistics show that 50% of Iranians have hair loss problems. Hair loss happens for various reasons. For example, it can have a genetic factor or occur due to stress, hormonal changes, lack of nutrients, etc. Have you ever heard of Hirtamine? In many cases, Hirtamine is introduced as the best vitamin pill for hair growth by consumers. Can this popular pill, which has a significant effect in reducing hair loss, have side effects? The side effects of hirtamine tablets are the subject that we discuss in this article from the online pharmacy magazine.

The benefits of Hirtamine tablets in hair growth

In order to strengthen the hair root, improve the health of the hair shaft, and also stop hair loss, you can use a supplement called Hertamine capsule. Vitamins, minerals and effective herbal compounds have been used in this pill; As far as this product can be introduced as a hair multivitamin. Using Hairtamin capsules helps increase blood circulation in the scalp area and stimulates the growth of new hair. You can double the shine of your hair by using Hirtamine. The absence of gluten and other artificial compounds in this capsule makes it more popular among the public. Both men and women can benefit from Hirtamine Advanced Formula hair strengthening capsule.

The ingredients in original hirtamine

The Hirtamine capsule that we are introducing here and then we intend to check its possible side effects is the Hirtamine Advanced Formula capsule, which is licensed by the United States and manufactured in Pars Horizon Pharmaceutical Company. In the packaging of this product, there are 30 capsules, which should be taken daily with food. The ingredients of this hair strengthening supplement are as follows:

  • Vitamins: A, C, D3, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, B5, B7
  • Mineral salts: zinc and selenium
  • Plant extracts: rosemary, nettle plant, horsetail extract, turmeric root extract and brahmi extract.

In the characteristics of this capsule, the manufacturer states that it is even suitable for preventing dandruff. In addition, hirtamine can be useful for strengthening the growth of nails and improving the health of the skin.

Plant extracts in Hirtamine

Side effects of Hirtamine tablets

No case has been reported about the side effects of hirtamine capsules by the manufacturer. Therefore, it can be concluded that if this supplement is used in the recommended amounts and according to the instructions provided, it will not cause any serious or dangerous side effects. However, be careful that any supplement can cause side effects in some people. Pay attention to the following:

Allergy to the ingredients in Hertamine capsules

As we said, herbal ingredients are used in Hairtamin. If you are allergic to these ingredients, you may experience side effects. We mention some of the side effects of herbal extracts in this supplement:

  • Stomach discomfort: If you are allergic to any of the herbal ingredients in hirtamine, digestive problems, including stomach discomfort, may occur.
  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea: curcumin in turmeric can cause nausea and vomiting.
  • Skin Allergy: Rarely, it may happen that a person is so allergic to the ingredients in Hertamine that they develop skin rashes. In cases where the allergy is severe, breathing disorders may even occur.

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Again, we emphasize that the possibility of high complications is rare. If you use hirtamine in the recommended amount, in most cases no side effects will occur.

Urine color change

One of the side effects of Hirtamine tablets can be changing the color of urine. The reason for this problem is due to the presence of group B vitamins in this product. Changing the color of urine due to the use of hirtamine capsules is not a dangerous complication at all, and you should not worry about it.

Side effects of hirtamine tablets 2

Does hirtamine pill cause weight gain and obesity?

Hertamine contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9. In general, group B vitamins can be effective in increasing appetite. On the other hand, there are 15 mg of zinc in each daily serving of Hertamine capsules. Zinc is also a type of mineral that increases appetite in some people. Increased appetite with the consumption of B vitamins and zinc occurs more for people who are deficient in these nutrients.

Therefore, it can be said that if you have a lack of nutrients, you may gain a little weight by taking Hirtamine tablets due to increased appetite. But obesity due to this pill cannot be so much and be noticeable. Therefore, you do not need to worry that you may gain weight by taking this pill. If you are also looking for a pill for obesity, Hirtamine definitely cannot be useful for you because it is considered a multivitamin.

Does the use of hirtamine tablets cause poisoning?

There is no reason to get food poisoning by taking hirtamine tablets; Unless you use this supplement more than recommended. Do not forget that you are only allowed to take 1 hirtamine capsule per day. Therefore, with the aim of, for example, increasing your hair growth, you should never arbitrarily increase the dosage. Hertamine poisoning can be accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms.

Taking hirtamine tablets during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are sensitive periods when any type of medicine, supplement or even herbal pill should be taken under the supervision of a doctor. For any reason, if you are planning to use hirtamine and you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult your doctor first. Women often use pregnancy multivitamins during pregnancy. If they want to add hirtamine, the dose of vitamins and minerals may exceed the permissible limit and the side effects of hirtamine tablets may appear.

Who can use Hirtamine tablets?

All adults, both men and women, can use Hirtamine capsules. Hirtamine, as its name suggests, is a hair strengthening supplement that helps prevent hair loss and new hair growth. Therefore, usually those who face hair problems use Hirtamine; For example, they have hair loss or they want their hair to be thicker. Also, if you want to increase the strength of your nails or have better skin, you can use Hertamine capsules. If you don’t take any special medicine and you don’t have any kind of chronic disease, there is no contraindication for you to use hirtamine.

last word

In this article, we examined the side effects of hirtamine tablets. If you use Hairtamin in the recommended amounts, you will not experience any complications; Unless you are allergic to the ingredients in hirtamine, which is also rare. Therefore, of hirtamine as a safe supplement for strengthening follicle Use your hair safely. In the end, we emphasize that if you are taking a certain medicine, consult your doctor before taking Hirtamine tablets to prevent drug interactions so that you do not have any side effects. You can buy the original hirtamine tablet from the online positive green pharmacy. This product is licensed in America and has an exemplary quality.

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