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What happened during the artists’ meeting with the president? | The narration of “Age of Art” from the demands of the people of culture and art from Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi

According to Fars News Agency, the documentary “Art AgeA story about the artists ‘meeting with Ayatollah Seyyed Ibrahim Ra’isi, the president, was broadcast last night on Channel 3, and in parts of it, the artists’ speeches and Reisi’s reaction to them were shown. One of the issues raised in the program was the transfer of audio and video broadcasts, and the president was asked to create the conditions for re-transferring the license for the home theater network to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

In the first part of the meeting, Mohammad Orujani, an Afghan artist who has lived in Iran for about 38 years and works in the field of calligraphy, said: “I attended a meeting with the President of Iran on behalf of the Refugee Cultural and Artistic Center.”

He added: “It is a very good feeling that a high-ranking official greets the people present so sincerely, listens to their conversations and leaves some of their issues to his companions so that he can be followed up.”

Amir Dejakam: If I do not talk like this with my elder in my house, where should I talk?

Amir Dejakam, an actor in theater, television and cinema, said at the meeting with the president: “It is said that if a person lived in this world after his death, he could have a better life by using the experiences of his past life.” But because that is not possible, we use the experiences of others.

He added: “Sometimes these experiences are transmitted in the form of history, books, universities and lectures, at one time the language is theater.” A language that is alive and well and you seem to have experienced it yourself. I feel today that this strategic art, as the mother of our country’s great cinema, which has done great things in the country and in the world, has remained oppressed and abandoned.

Dejakam added: “I came here today to love these things. Excuse me if I speak frankly, but if I do not speak to my elder in my house, who should I talk to?”

Massoud Dehnamaki: In the name of youth, let’s not be childish

In a meeting with the president, cinema director Masoud Dehnamaki said: “The field of culture is not a field of trial and error. In the name of youth, leave the fate of the country’s culture to people like me who have no acquaintance with this field.”

What happened during the artists' meeting with the president? | The narration of "Age of Art" from the demands of the people of culture and art from Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi

Stating that the field of culture and art is the field of maturity, not greed, he added: in the name of youth, let us not be childish. Anyone who approves of a film or screenplay should be familiar with the field. If people are going to change, use the most mature ones so that someone who has bleached his hair in the way of filmmaking, music, etc., speaks to an official who knows the intricacies of the work.

President Seyed Ibrahim Raisi also said in the meeting: “We must always see dynamism in work and work grow.” If one day our cinema or documentary is at a stage, we should upgrade and think about upgrading. By no means should we be satisfied with the current situation and we should move towards the desired situation.

Reisi: Your veterans are the beacon

Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi considered the attention to the veterans very important in the path of growth and said: “The veterans are a beacon that should always be supported and considered, but he also cared about the youth because they are the future makers of the country and the work will be done by them.”

What happened during the artists' meeting with the president? | The narration of "Age of Art" from the demands of the people of culture and art from Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi

He continued: “It is justice for your veterans to play the role of teachers and professors and for young people to seek knowledge, learning, training and becoming professionals.”

Empowering the private sector is the duty of the government

The President also considered the empowerment of the private sector as the duty of the government and said: the duty of the government is to lead in the first stage, to supervise in the second stage and to support in the third place. The work should be in the hands of the private sector and the government should guide, supervise and support them, not leave the work to the private sector and then leave it.

He stressed: facilities should be paid to the private sector and legal and financial support should be provided to them. This must be done in all areas of the economy.

Seyed Zia Hashemi: The lives of 6,000 film activists do not last with the production of 100 films a year

Another participant in the meeting, Seyed Zia Hashemi, a cinema producer, said: “Our request is that you return the audio and video to the Ministry of Guidance.” This is a great task of the Ministry of Guidance. One of the important places that can help the cinema.

He added: It is not possible to make a living for 6,000 film activists by finally producing 100 films a year.

Shahsavari: The reduction of the authority of the Ministry of Guidance in the field of legal duties is a matter of great concern

Manouchehr Shahsavari also stated in this meeting: the audio-visual activities of the country may end in obstruction due to the variety of decision-making situations and following the concentration of some behaviors, which should be prevented because obstruction has no solution except with an explosion.

“We are responsible and committed to not allowing these behaviors to lead to blockages,” he said. The reduction in production is a great danger for the country, the reduction of the powers of the Ministry of Culture and Guidance in the field of its legal duties is a matter of great concern.

Morteza Shabani: Documentary filmmakers from the most oppressed strata in the field of culture and art

Documentary filmmaker Morteza Shabani also stated in this meeting that documentarians love their work, and specified: “These people do not consider documentary work as a job because they love this profession, but at the same time they are oppressed.”

He added: “Both the costume and the number of documentarians are high.” Many of them may not have much work during the year and their lives are difficult. It is good that special attention is paid to the issue of insurance and housing for these loved ones.

Mohammad Reza Shafiei invited the president to watch his works

Mohammad Reza Shafiei, a television and cinema producer, also addressed the president: “A few years ago, I made a film about the defenders of the shrine, which I would like you to see.” This year, I also had a film about the story of the 7th of Tir, which was screened at the Fajr Film Festival, be sure to see it too.

He added: “Your comments about the films, if they become media, are a hope for the society that the high-ranking official of the country sees and comments on the films of Iranian filmmakers.”

Care; An actor who, after 60 years of activity, still does not have a roof over his head

“I have been wanting to serve and greet you for some time,” the veteran actor said in a meeting with the president. I represent the Veteran Artists Association here. Our association has about 600 members and many of them still do not have a roof over their heads.

“I have been acting for 60 years,” he said. Like my colleagues, I still do not have a roof over my head.

The President also promised that the letter of the Veterans Association will be followed up as soon as possible.

Loris Cheknavarian: The music industry needs a lot of budget

In another part of the meeting, music veteran Loris Cheknavarian emphasized: “Music requires a very, very large budget to be able to buy good instruments, provide musicians and invite good artists, because music is an international art and we must be at the same level as other countries.”

He added: “The showcase of every nation is the orchestra and culture of that country.”

What happened during the artists' meeting with the president? | The narration of "Age of Art" from the demands of the people of culture and art from Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi

Mahvash Saberkan: This is the first time I am invited to a president’s party!

Veteran TV actor Mahvash Saberkan said at the meeting with the president: “This is the first time I have served a president and heard the words of elders and union representatives.”

He added: “Whether they arrange these conversations or not, as soon as a heartache occurred, it made a person a little lighter.”

Hamidreza Nourbakhsh: We are in a state of alert!

Hamidreza Nourbakhsh, the director of the House of Music, also warned in this meeting: I am speaking as a representative of nearly 16,000 musicians in the country. I must say that the alarm of our musical identity has been sounded for a long time and the improvement of this situation needs serious support.

He added: “Without compliments, our traditional music lights are going out.” The music of the tribes is not in a good condition either. We have also raised these issues in the service of Mr. Ismaili, Minister of Guidance, he has made and will make valuable efforts, but I think your support will accelerate the achievement of the result.

Seyed Javad Hashemi: Listen to the professionals who did not wait for you for 8 years

In part of this meeting, actor and director Seyed Javad Hashemi addressed the president and said: “Do not think that the present population is really the representatives of the art of this country.” The fact is, you have to listen to people who have not waited eight years for you to come. Please do not think that what all artists are saying is what you have heard here.

What happened during the artists' meeting with the president? | The narration of "Age of Art" from the demands of the people of culture and art from Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi

“We feel we have a duty to the people and 85 million, and we are committed to serving everyone,” Raisi said. Against al-Qaeda, it was not possible to invite all the friends because the place, time and hearing of all the friends’ professions in one meeting was not possible. But we are also looking to hear what different people are saying.

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