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What happened in the Huawei Iran online event?

Huawei introduced and reviewed its latest products in the Iranian market during an online event on Sunday, June 20th. The event, which was broadcast online on the platforms of Aparat and Huawei’s official social network in Iran, was dedicated to introducing the latest products from the P-series phones, a mid-range Nova series phone and a smartwatch. Huawei also registered a number of these products with a special discount for a period of 3 hours after the event, during an extraordinary sale.

What happened in the Huawei Iran online event? 7

At the beginning of the ceremony, “Babak Fayyaz”, the vice president of Huawei Mobile in Iran, introduced these new products. In addition to briefly introducing the P50, P50 Pocket and nova Y70, as well as the Watch Fit 2 smartwatch, he talked for a few minutes about the Huawei ecosystem with the code 1 + 8 + N.

This code refers to the number 1, ie the mobile phone as the main member and the core of the ecosystem. The first math + symbol represents Huawei Share for seamless connection between different Huawei products, and the number 8 means 8 different Huawei product categories including laptop, tablet, smartwatch and handsfree that will be connected to your phone. The second + sign represents Huawei 4G and 5G network products, and the English letter N indicates the countless products that are and will be part of this ecosystem now and in the future.

What happened in the Huawei Iran online event?
What happened in the Huawei Iran online event? 8

In the continuation of this event, we witnessed a round table with the presence of “Shahrooz Charkchi”, a technology activist as the host and three representatives of the most prestigious digital media in Iran in this event. “Hamid Moghaddasi” from Digiato, “Mehrdad Issilo” from Zumit and “Hesam Khamenehzadeh” from Digikala Mag were the guests of this roundtable.

What happened in the Huawei Iran online event?
What happened in the Huawei Iran online event? 9

These experts examined the Huawei P series from the P10 model to the latest model, the P50 Pro, and the P50 Pocket folding model, and discussed the advanced technologies that have always been used in this series of Huawei phones. For example, we mentioned the night photography technology with the P20 Pro, which after a while, smartphone manufacturers added to their products.

The quality of photography and the zoom capability of the P50 Pro also attracted the attention of these experts in the reviews. The growing market of clamshell phones was also mentioned, and technology activists around the world predict that sales of this type of handset will increase tenfold by 2023.

What happened in the Huawei Iran online event?
What happened in the Huawei Iran online event? 10

The challenge of the lack of Google services on Huawei phones was another issue raised at the meeting. All the experts at the meeting believed that users’ challenges would vary depending on their need for Google services, but in the end the vast majority of them would face challenges and problems.

There was also talk of the Nova Y70, which is equipped with a 6000 mAh battery and can accompany you for up to 3 days on a single charge. In this regard, the guests were asked whether they prefer a large battery with a high charge storage capability in a mobile phone or a phone equipped with fast charging technology with a supercharger in the product box, which was more inclined to a high-capacity battery, of course. As long as it does not exceed the standard weight and dimensions of the phone. It should be noted that in addition to the high-capacity battery, the nova Y70 is also equipped with 22.5-watt supercharging technology, and a 22.5-watt wall charger is included in the product box.

What happened in the Huawei Iran online event?
What happened in the Huawei Iran online event? 11

Next, we looked at the Watch Fit 2 smartwatch and the general needs of people for the smartwatch. . According to app experts, the WatchFit series has been introduced to fill the gap between smart wristbands and smartwatches in terms of performance and price range, and they have been very successful in this regard. Watch Fit 2, if properly priced, can replicate the success of the previous generation.

These experts envisioned a bright future for the Huawei brand in Iran and mentioned the company’s integrated ecosystem as its biggest strength by offering a variety of products, which of course still has a lot of work to do. According to the guests of the event, better pricing of Huawei products in Iran can shape a better future for this company. All three experts agree that Huawei laptops are one of the best products of this company. In the end, for the first time in Iran, the Huawei Mate XS2 phone was provided to these experts, who considered the screen design and the way the hinge of this phone is folded to be different and practical.

What happened in the Huawei Iran online event?

You can in This link See the full version of the Huawei event.

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