Dollar, Gold and Coin Markets Forecast / A Look at the Financial Markets June 20, 1401

According to Tejarat News, today the dollar of the national exchange increased by 177 Tomans and reached the figure of 27 thousand and 475 Tomans. In the gold and coin market, prices went up. Since then, the stock market index has been rising.

Bitcoin price forecast

Bitcoin On Saturday, with the pressure of traders, it was pulled below its 2017 price peak. But it immediately returned to $ 19,000 with the support of buyers. $ 19,000 support is psychologically significant and will be defended by traders. But the pressures of anti-inflationary policies may cause prices to fall further in the future.

Stock forecasting

Mohammad Khabarizad, a capital market expert, told Tejarat News: “Tomorrow’s stock exchange transactions will probably not be different from today.” Of course, it can be a little more negative than today, but the indicators will not be much different. These days, the lack of liquidity in the market has become more apparent than anything else.

He continued: “The publication of companies’ financial statements shows that the profit margin has decreased in the winter.” The reason for this was the increase in overhead and energy costs that were received from the government in various ways from these companies, and the companies’ budget deficit was financed from this place, which discouraged investors in most companies.

Gold and dollar forecast

Ali Tabatabai, a financial markets expert, said about the price of the dollar: “The dollar may decrease to 27,000 tomans.”

The expert also said about the resistance rate of the dollar in the free market: the rate of 32 to 33 thousand Tomans is temporary and it is unlikely that the prices will remain in this range. On the other hand, the price of the dollar is unlikely to reach above these numbers. Unless he finds news that has never reached the people, such as the complete withdrawal of Iran from Borjam.

Ali Sadeghin, another financial market expert, also commented on his forecast for the dollar: “If the Borjam is not revived, the dollar will rise in line with inflation and liquidity.”

Regarding the price of gold, he added: “If the price of the dollar rises, domestic gold will grow accordingly.”

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