What is the price floor of a campus apartment?

According to Tejarat News, “Mehr housing prices have increased by 150 to 200 million more than before.” This is what a housing market activist on campus says. Another firm claims that prices have risen by as much as 45 percent overall.

The campus is one of the areas where there are both personal units, cooperative units and Mehr housing.

According to market activists, the price of personal units, depending on the year of their construction, starts from one billion and five hundred million tomans and goes up to 10 billion.

Cooperative units are also sold with a price range of one billion and 400 million tomans to five billion tomans.

Mehr houses in this area are divided into two categories. It is said that ready-to-sell units and semi-finished units can be used for another one to two years.

Of course, according to a previous research by a Tejarat News reporter, some of these units have been left unfinished for a long time and their delivery time is unknown.

There are also brokers who buy and sell units. If the purchase and sale of Mehr housing units is prohibited by law.

These semi-finished units can be purchased for 680 to 800 million, but prefabricated units are more expensive; Something about one billion and 800 million tomans.

Housing prices have risen

Saeed Lotfi, a member of the board and treasurer of the Tehran Real Estate Union, says: “Two or three weeks ago, housing prices rose due to the removal of 4,200 tomans and an increase in workers’ salaries, and an inflationary expectation has formed among the people.”

He continued: “Of course, prices have not risen in the last week, which could be due to the upcoming holidays and the market itself.”

He announced the price floor in phase 9 of the campus at 900 million Tomans and emphasized that these units are raw and still need internal repairs.

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