What will be the fate of luxury smuggled cars?

According to the online economy report, quoted by Tasnim, Abdul Majid Ejtihadi, the head of the organization for collection and sale of possessions, said at the ceremony of technical destruction of luxury smuggled cars: This action was carried out in the form of technical destruction, which means that the parts of these cars, including their engines, are at the disposal of the faculty. technical parts are placed so that the students of these faculties can use these parts in order to use its technologies.

Ejtihadi added: According to the decree that exists for such destructions, the destruction must be done technically and the engines of these cars will be provided to the engineering and technical faculties of the country to use the available technologies so that students in fields such as reverse engineer them.

Regarding the legal reasons for the destruction of these cars, he also said: In some goods, including health goods, for reasons such as health and health issues and the special conditions of those goods, the destruction of those goods must be done taking into account certain health conditions, and regarding Some goods, including luxury contraband goods, because according to the law it is not possible to sell them inside the country, such goods must be exported to foreign markets, and if it is not possible to export such goods, and for some reason we did not succeed in exporting them, of course there is a solution. What the legislator has put in front of us is the destruction of such goods.


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