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WhatsApp steals one of the best features of Telegram!

WhatsApp application will soon receive one of the best features of Telegram. Pinning messages on WhatsApp chat pages will soon be possible.

Despite its high popularity and huge user base, WhatsApp messaging application is not as rich in features as Telegram. However, Meta, as the owner of this application, has started making major changes to its messenger since last year and we have seen many new features added to WhatsApp. Now the news comes that this messenger will soon steal one of the best features of Telegram. And it is nothing but Ability to pin messages on a chat page!

The ability to “pin messages on the chat page” will be added to WhatsApp

The WABetaInfo website has claimed in a report that the Meta-owned messenger is working on a feature in the beta version of the WhatsApp Business Android app that will allow users to pin messages on the chat screen. The screenshot image published by this website clearly shows that you can benefit from this feature by updating your WhatsApp application to the latest trial version.

WhatsApp pin message

Verification of pinning a message on WhatsApp with this photo

Pinning messages is a very useful feature for WhatsApp chat groups. This helps to keep the focus on an important topic in a chat and not get forgotten as new messages are added.

Of course, this feature is not new for messengers either. Telegram has been providing this to its users for years. Even better, you can pin multiple messages to the top of the group chat page in Telegram instead of just one message. But this is not the only new feature that WhatsApp is working on. As you know, the quality of photos in the WhatsApp messenger is degraded when shared. The company is looking to develop an option that allows its users to send photos in the highest possible quality. What WhatsApp fans have been waiting for for years.

WhatsApp wants to add the ability to pin messages to chat pages and groups. But it is not clear when this will happen.

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