When will Zar Makaron cars come to the market?

According to Tejarat News, the news of car production by gold group It has been discussed for a long time. But some time ago, the executive director of this group announced that Zar Khodro has received new permits to establish a car factory from the Ministry of Security.

According to the board member of Zar Industrial Group; The license to produce Zar Khodro has been issued by the Ministry of Safety for Zarmakaroon Industrial Group.

Based on this promise, the third pole of automobile manufacturing is going to be born in the country and become a new competitor for Iran Khodro and Saipa. An automobile manufacturer that promised to produce one million cars a year.

Before this, Morteza Soltani, one of the directors Zar Industrial Group He explained about the new car production and said: a revolution is going to be created in the Iranian automobile industry and completely different cars will enter the market. Different cars than those produced in the last 40 years. Another promise made by this group is the production of high-quality and economical cars.

Morteza Soltani, one of the managers of this group, had previously announced, “As this collection has very reliable brands in the food industry, it has been able to design and bring to the production stage the largest project in the field of sweets and chocolate in terms of quantity, quality and value chain in the world. Car production can also make a big revolution.

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