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According to Tejarat News, read the details of today’s supply in the commodity exchange below.

On Sunday, December 18, the Iran Commodity Exchange Automobile Hall will host the sale of 4,000 Shaheen, 4,000 manual Peugeot 207, 2,000 automatic Peugeot 207 and 2,000 manual Tara vehicles.

Details of supply in the commodity exchange

On this day, Talar Siman hosts the supply of 1,116,844 tons of cement.

80,000 tons of iron ore pellets, 10,250 tons of aluminum ingots, 1,000 tons of aluminum hydroxide, 900 tons of zinc ingots, 300 tons of aluminum billets and 5 kg of gold ingots are offered in the hall of industrial and mineral products.

On this day, open auction hall will host the sale of 13,000 tons of baton vacuum.

In the export hall, 10,630 tons of bitumen is offered.

The chemical and petroleum products hall experiences the supply of 34 thousand 772 tons of polymer and chemical materials.

The secondary market also saw the supply of 2,000 tons of aluminum oxide, 2,000 tons of tissue, 50 tons of monochloroacetic acid, 40 tons of liquid nitrogen fertilizer, 10 tons of glass waste, 3 tons of metal waste, 18,970 pieces of car assembly waste, 5 There will be 1000 empty barrels, 860 battery scraps and 300 wooden box scraps.

Therefore, in total, the different halls of the Iran Commodity Exchange hosted the supply of 1 million 270 thousand 838 tons of goods and products.

On Sunday, December 18, 4000 manual Tara, 4000 manual Peugeot 207, 2000 automatic Peugeot 207 and 2000 Shahin will be on the trading board. Also, on Tuesday, the commodity exchange will host 500 double-cabin Kara cars, and on Wednesday, December 21, 750 7-seater Fidelity cars will be on the trading board.

The base price of the manual Peugeot 207 is 185 million 500 thousand Tomans, and for the automatic Peugeot 207, the base price is 280 million Tomans and the manual price is 256 million 500 thousand Tomans. Saipa also offers Shahin at a price of 304 million tomans. Two-cabin Kara is offered by Bahman Motor at a price of 301,500,000 Tomans and 7-seater Fidelity at a price of 772,000,000 Tomans.

Car supply in commodity exchange

The prices mentioned in the table are the basic prices and the popular khordus can have higher prices according to the demand.

After opening an account, applicants must register in the Sejam system. The comprehensive customer information system, which is abbreviated as SJAM, was created by the Central Securities Depository and Funds Settlement Company to provide integrated and comprehensive services to capital market participants.

In the second step, the applicant must register in an agency. Registering in a brokerage makes it easier for a person to trade in the commodity exchange. As a result, after registering on the Sejam site, a person must register at the brokerage and then proceed to get an online code from the commodity exchange.

In the third step of buying a car in the commodity exchange, the applicant must have a proxy account. A proxy account is actually a type of bank account that is opened to deposit the customer’s prepayment funds with one of the selected banks.

After receiving the SEJAM code in the third step, the person applying for a car from the commodity exchange must receive the online code for the commodity exchange. The important point is that this code is different from the trading code of the stock market, and people who have the trading code of the stock market must also receive the online code of the commodity exchange.

The announcement of each sale is announced on the site of the commodity exchange according to the talks made a few days ago, and the buyer must charge his proxy account with the base price of the desired car until the day before the car is offered on the commodity exchange.

After the applicant to buy a car in the commodity exchange charges the basic amount of the desired car in his proxy account, he must register his request on the day of the sale by entering the online system of the commodity exchange. This application registration is immediately sent to the broker’s commodity trading department, and the desired car is purchased if there is enough supply.

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