Whose car will be confiscated on Eid night?

According to Tejarat News, the story of sending a confiscated SMS car What is Rahoor by the police?

Quoted from Khorasan, In this text message: “Respectfully, the owner of vehicle number 2, the amount of your driving fine has exceeded the quorum of 10 million rials. Therefore, from this date, you have the opportunity to pay the amount of the fine for one month, so that your vehicle will not be subject to seizure in accordance with Article 8 of the Law on Investigation of Traffic Violations. “Rahoor Naja Police.”

The text message was sent to car owners while the social deputy of Rahoor police said in November of this year: “For the welfare of the people, no car will be fined up to three million tomans, but from this amount onwards. “And if the police see it, the car will be enforced.”

Article 8 of the Law on Investigation of Driving Violations?

Article 8 of the Law on Investigation of Driving Violations states: “If the violator does not pay the relevant fine within four months from the date of notification of the fine receipt, the traffic police will notify him in writing with a one-month deadline for payment of the fine.” . “If the deadline expires and there is no payment, the license plate of the vehicle will be confiscated in the traffic system until the payment of the fine, while recording the certificate.” The note of this article states: “If the amount of the car fine reaches 10 million rials, the traffic police is obliged to inform the car owner and if within one month from the date of notification, the car owner to pay the fine or object. “If the unit mentioned in Article (5) of this law does not act, the traffic police is obliged to confiscate the vehicle until a fine is paid.”

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What is the fine for confiscating a car?

Colonel Dehnavi, the head of Rahvar police in Khorasan Razavi province, said: “We assure that cars that have a fine of less than 3 million Tomans in arrears will not be confiscated due to non-payment of the fine.”

He continued: “According to the law approved in 1389, if a car is fined more than one million tomans, the traffic police are obliged to notify the car owner, but according to the instructions issued for the corona, cars up to three million tomans for not paying. “Fines will not be seized.”

“As we have said, the law obliges the traffic police to do this, and the parliament should amend the law on fines, which is still in force,” said the provincial traffic police chief. Has not taken; “But this text message can be a good reminder for car owners.”

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