Why is the Iranians’ pessimism towards the United States not complete? Mehr News Agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr News Agency, The Malaysian newspaper “New Streets Times” (NST) in a report exposed the lies of White House officials against Iran. Citing the downing of an Iranian airliner with 290 passengers in the year ending the imposed war, the newspaper called Iranians pessimistic about US policies. The following is a summary of this report.

The leaders of the United States seek to portray themselves as the best human beings, while the presidents of the United States always repeat in all their speeches and statements the lie that we stand for and defend the principle of humanity.

The US officials’ claim comes at a time when the IAEA, the world’s most controversial nuclear deal, has stalled not because of technical issues but because of US reluctance to lift anti-Iranian sanctions.

US officials are well aware of the consequences of sanctions and pressure on ordinary Iranians, such as men, women and children. It was a decision deliberately made by Donald Trump, and current US President Joe Biden is consciously pursuing it with the goal of retreating Iran from the United States.

U.S. officials have so far insisted that their decision is humane, but in fact with the clear signals that the United States is sending to the world, everyone is realizing what the United States really stands for. Most importantly, ordinary Iranians have already seen the United States at its worst, as happened on July 3, 1988.

On that fateful day, Iran Air flight number 655 was piloted by “Mohsen Rezaeian” with 290 passengers from Bandar Abbas to Dubai. The Airbus A300 was hit by two missiles and dismembered by the USS Vincennes, an Aegis-class warship under the command of Will Rogers. According to British journalist Robert Fisk, who covered the incident for the Times of London, the reality of the incident has been constantly changed by the Pentagon.

The first distortion of the fact was that the United States claimed that the Iranian plane was not a passenger plane but similar to the F-14 Tomcat fighter and was in a landing position. The Pentagon changed the story after the Italian navy said the plane was going up and not down, saying that Rezaian’s pilot was probably trying to hit the US Navy with 290 passengers.

After the Pentagon’s lie was exposed, it linked the case to sending the wrong signal and subsequently blamed the Airbus transmitter, which led the cruiser to identify it as a military aircraft.

From Fisk’s point of view, the constant changes in the Pentagon’s position were a concerted approach to justifying the horrific event. Such airstrikes can certainly not be justified in the way the United States has done.

In general, the Pentagon’s lies will always continue, and years later, this tactic will be applied to other countries as well. Therefore, the US Department of Defense will call such deliberate killings in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria “sad mistakes.”

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