Will the stock market forecast turn green in the summer?

According to Tejarat News, the year 1401 can be considered as one of the most news and influential years of the stock market. The total market index started a relatively upward trend at the beginning of the year, from the level of 1,370,000 units on the first working day of spring to the level of 1,539 units at the end of this season, recording a growth of 12.3%.

In general, news has a significant impact on the capital market trading process, and the release of important news can have a significant impact on the trading process.

Currently, components such as market dollar rates, power outages in industries, Barjam negotiations, bank interest rates and the like affect the stock market.

What factors affect the stock market?

Interbank interest rates are different from bank interest rates. When the interbank interest rate has no effect on the rate of deposit and granting of facilities, overdraft of the central bank and increase of the monetary base, it has a separate function and its real effect on the capital market is imperceptible and completely indirect.

There is now a price difference between the open market dollar and the half. Experts believe that if the price of the dollar is half close to the free market dollar, the profitability of industries can be imagined.

On the other hand, the news of power outages threatens industries in the summer. Probably due to this risk, some single shares will temporarily take a negative trend, but this is temporary.

The status of the Barjam negotiations is unclear and is in a state of ambiguity. If agreed, the capital market will decline in the first place, and after a while, the upward trend will continue and be strong. But if no agreement is reached, the stock market will fluctuate due to inflation.

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