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Will art and experience cinema resume? / How long will the audience be undecided?

Fars News Agency – Cinema Group: It was in March of last year that the Institute of Art and Experience, as the center for the screening of short films, animations, documentaries and feature and experimental feature films in Iran, was practically removed from office by the Cinema Organization and Jafar Sanei Moghaddam, the director of the series, resigned.

This cinema, which started in 1992 with the screening of artistic and experimental films at the Iranian Institute of Art and Experience, during this period, was able to screen more than hundreds of movies, documentaries, short films and animations by thousands of cinematographers in this group. Let it be very well received by the audience and let us witness a unique experience of showing films that had never seen the color of the cinema screen in the country’s cinema before.

The identity that this group gave to the country’s cinema caused the art films that were left behind to be screened, and even many of the country’s cinematographers who did not want to screen their films in the main cinema body, thus put their films in this Screening groups.
During these years, those valuable films that were in front of non-commercial films were able to get the opportunity to be screened and gain a worthy place in the cinematic community, and through this, they did a lot to promote the cinematic knowledge of the spectators and also to improve the artistic quality of the country’s cinema. .
“Art and Experience” cinema started from a point and with potential that there were many hopes for it at first, but as we moved away from those days and moved forward, the initial serious efforts of the film directors of Rouhani’s government towards this cinema diminished. It suddenly became from a cinema with independent responsibility to a cinema under the auspices of the Center for the Development of Documentary, Experimental and Animated Cinema.
Raising this issue in March of last year by Khazaei, the head of the country’s cinema organization, and entrusting the task of this film group to the Center for the Development of Documentary and Experimental Cinema; At first glance, it surprised filmmakers and enthusiasts in this field and was accompanied by many negative feedback in this regard.
With this issue raised, many filmmakers and cinema audiences waited to see where the group’s films would continue and what the future holds for the group.
Of course, in these few months, it was just a promise and we did not see any incident in this regard regarding the Art and Experience Cinema Group.
However, in a comment, the director of the Center for the Development of Documentary, Experimental and Animation Cinema said that the “Art and Experience” group will be preserved and further supported, and that the word “Art and Experience” is the capital of the cinema organization and has led to the discovery of many talents. Be protected. What should not hurt is the continued showing of these films to the audience.
According to Hamid Moghadam, with the promise and support of Mr. Khazaei, we will not have any interruptions during the screening of “Art and Experience” films, and it will even be added to theaters.
With this statement of the official, however, a clear picture of the form and manner of support of the Development Center for this group of films has not been announced yet, and there is a concern among filmmakers and enthusiasts in this field that art and experimental films play an important role in attention and introduction. The flowing films of these years of cinema were fading and being eliminated day by day, and only its name remained in the country’s cinema.
In fact, it should be said that art and experience, with all its performance flaws, had the feature that it could look at cinema regardless of any systematic, productive and economic view, and support a current that often promises new experiences with private and personal capital. Gives cinema.
In practice, however, the film organization handed over another package of government support to the private sector to the public sector with a decision that would not hold any clear promise for cinema.

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