Will the total stock index fall to 1/4 channel? / Khasapa and the car are still green

According to Tejarat News, the Tehran Stock Exchange is witnessing today, contrary to some predictions The fall of the total stock index It was not 1.4 million units per channel and experienced slight growth.

The stock market index ended today with a growth of about three thousand units and was rescued from the edge of the abyss to the lower channel. The growth of 2,741 units of the total index caused this index to be in the range of 1,504,000 units. The homogeneous index was accompanied by a slight decline and remained in the range of 417 thousand units. The value of small stock exchange and OTC transactions also reached three thousand and 750 billion tomans.

Is the fall of the whole stock index close?

According to many stock market experts, the overall index is unlikely to fall to the channel of 1.4 million units in the coming days. Of course, some also believe that the current market situation is unbalanced and there is no possibility that The fall of the total stock index Can not be ruled out.

Of course, considering the fundamental factors affecting the market, it can be said that the probability of the fall of the total stock index is not very high. The status of Borjam’s case and the optimism created by the shareholders have made them more hopeful of reaching an agreement. Some also believe that the fact that the venue of the talks has been moved from Vienna to one of the countries on the Persian Gulf is also a signal of the seriousness of this round of talks.

Banks and eye insurance are waiting for the revival of Borjam

These optimisms have given the banking and insurance industries a better outlook. Industries that have not been doing well in recent months, and with the release of any disappointing news from the negotiations, their situation is deteriorating.

Many experts believe that the shares belonging to this group have a high growth potential and any diplomatic opening can be to the benefit of banking and insurance shareholders.

From power outages to cyber attacks

However, the news of the cyber attack on Khuzestan Steel also worried some shareholders of the steel group. The group now faces a new risk in addition to frequent power outages that could affect other steel plants as well.

On the other hand, there is a concern that the amount of production in this industry will decrease significantly and return the sheet to the detriment of shareholders.

The situation is in line with Khasapa and the car

Looking at the stock exchanges, it can be seen that car shareholders are still witnessing the continuous growth of their shares. Although this growth is sluggish, the shareholders hope that with the managerial changes at the macro level in the Ministry of Silence, the days will come to an end and their shares will continue to grow. Perhaps these conditions can prevent the fall of the entire Tehran Stock Exchange index.

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