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Xiaomi 12 Ultra was displayed in new renderings with a different camera design

From the beginning of this year, rumors and rumors about the expected flagship Xiaomi that’s mean 12 Ultra, Did not leave the moment of the smartphone market alone. “Now, following the same trend, the source of the technology world,”Steve Hamrastofer»In cooperation with the website Zouton They have released new renderings of this model.

First of all, these renderings confirm and agree with many of the rumors and possible specs that have been raised before.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra was displayed in new renderings with a different camera design 4

According to these images, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra has a hole in its display and its corners are curved. The physical dimensions of this phone are equal to 161.9 At 74.3 At 9.5 Mm Thus, this model is compared with Xiaomi 11 Ultra Last year (164.3 At 74.6 At 8.4 mm) Will be slightly thicker and slightly smaller.

This change in dimensions could be a sign that the model is no longer on display 6.81 inches The massive previous generation will not be equipped, and according to the sources who published these images, the 12 Ultra model will have an OLED display. 6.6 inches Will use.

Additional information on Xiaomi 12 Ultra renders

If we go to the design of the back of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, the first thing that catches the attention of every viewer is the large camera module with the brand. لایکا Is. This camera layout has 7 The cavity is apparently contained 4 cameras And 3 sensors will be.

The 50-megapixel main camera with optical image stabilization is expected to come with a lens. 50 megapixels Ultra-wide, a periscope camera 48 megapixels As well as a portrait lens 16 megapixels Will have. Selfie camera probably too 16 Or 20 megapixels will be.

Unconfirmed news, on the other hand, indicates that the beating heart of this chip model Snapdragon 8 Plus 1st generation Will probably be equal to Remy 16 GB And equivalent storage space 512 GB Have and from a battery 5000 mAh Also enjoy.

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