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The trust of the future is protected from bites

Alireza Kangarloo, Public Relations Manager of the National Development Fund, wrote in a note:

“The earth and the hidden treasures of creation are a trust that time has entrusted to us and will one day take it away from us. In between, only history judges what we received and what we delivered …

Oil and gas are also examples of the human gift of the earth today;
A gift that is the result of millions of years of Earth interactions, and which man has not been able to receive for thousands of years;
Until the roar of the oil eruption in the oil wells made the owners of black gold happy;
Happiness had been brought and resources had emerged that could not be spent so easily;
But for a hundred and one years, there was a debate among the descendants of the same well owners as to whether that night eruption was really the boiling of their happiness from the heart of the ancestral land or vice versa;
Did oil make them prosperous or unlucky?
What role did oil play in their economy?
Had he brought false prosperity and taken the real development?
The answer to each of these questions is both positive and negative;
Because for some people, oil has been a source of effort and for others, it has brought real development;
Those whose oil and gas revenues leaked to their daily expenditures both stagnated and pre-empted the future;
But others diverted the proceeds from the sale of natural resources to a healthy investment channel so that they could both benefit from its added value and not compromise the trust of the children of their homeland.
And now, years after the start of the National Development Fund in Iran, we also want to move in this way, for the future of this land and its people … moving from the National Development Fund to the National Wealth Fund.
We know that the resources of the National Development Fund are a trust that not only must be fully preserved for the future, but also by increasing these resources by investing in various fields, step on creating wealth for the bright future of dear Iran and the men and women of this land. . The issue that Mehdi Ghazanfari, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Development Fund, is seriously pursuing, and he and all the supporters of the National Development Fund will go to it with all their knowledge and energy for the people of this land;

“We have seen and heard good efforts and moves from the National Development Fund, and we will still see good things happening in this area.”

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