Zanganeh: We need supply fields / we make decisions after selection

“Pegah Zanganeh” In an interview with IRNA, regarding the latest conditions of the Iranian women’s national karate team, he said: “The fourth stage of the training camps started on Wednesday last week, and the campers first attended the National Olympic Academy and took a physical fitness test.”

He added: the exercises will be followed in two shifts in the morning and in the evening and will continue until 12 May.

Zanganeh continued by stating that like the previous three camps, there are 11 karatekas in the camp: ۲ There are 2 people in each weight and only in the weight of less than 55 kg, three athletes participate in training.

In response to the question whether there is a new face in the national team camp, he explained: “Almost all the previous members are from the camp, but we have changed in some weights.” At minus 68 kg, we have youthful options. In other weights, for example, “Sara Behnamiar”, despite having a lot of experience, is a young player. Atoosa Golshadnejad and Leila Borjali are also newcomers. I must say that the women’s karate team is peeling.

Regarding the importance of important karate events, Zanganeh said: “The campers train with all their heart and the technical staff has done its best for the success of the team to prepare the people for the competitions at the peak of their readiness.”

The coach of the women’s national karate team stated: “The conditions of the camps are good and our only problem is the lack of preparatory meetings and attendance at international arenas, which is very effective.”

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What are his plans for the technical staff to attend the three important events of the Islamic Games, the Asian Championship and the Hangzhou Asian Games? He said: “According to the decision of the head coach of the national team, an election will be held in early June to assess the conditions of the personnel and then decide on how to send the personnel.”

The names of the people present in the national team camp are as follows:

Sara Bahmanyar and Masoumeh Mohsenian in minus 50, Taravat Khaksar, Fatemeh Saadati and Avyshan Bagheri in minus 55, Rozita Alipour and Atosa Golshadnejad in minus 61, Mobina Heidari and Mobina Kaviani in minus 68 and Shima Algosali in Positive 68

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