Zarghami: The museum is an honest and great media

According to Fars news agency, Seyyed Ezzatullah Zarghami, in a video message to the ceremony commemorating the beginning of Cultural Heritage Week held at the National Museum of Iran, congratulated the coming of Cultural Heritage Week and said: I was not able to be present in your company. Today I am in Yasouj and I visited the big museum project of this city, which is considered a new capacity for this area.

He said: In my opinion, the museum has a dynamic state, the museum means movement and creation of discourse, and those who view the museum as a static view should correct this view.

Zarghami went on to say: Some people think that when we hand over an object to a museum, its life is over, but many times the beginning of a movement starts from being placed in a museum, because a museum is an honest medium.

The Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts added: “In the museum, we cannot tell the truth, if we tell the facts of history correctly, many wrong addresses will disappear.”

Zarghami reminded; I am interested in using the opportunity of the museum and a discourse that is based on valuable human experience and has been conducted over thousands of years of trial and error, and that human readiness to deal with self-institutionalized issues in the form of a museum and its facts.

The Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts noted: So I see the museum as a great medium that can become a national treasure if it conveys the message properly.

He said: This year was named after the museum, stability and good mood. I can talk a lot about the current situation, but I would like our museum specialists to talk more about these two keywords.

Zarghami added: I thank all the activists in this area, including Mr. Darabi, the deputy minister, who are working hard to preserve the cultural heritage and show the past experiences to the society. I hope we will be able to do well the real mission that we have in connection with the museums.

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