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2 Reasons for increasing the price of the dollar/tax on capital gains, one of the main strategies for managing the foreign exchange market

In an interview with the economic reporter of Fars news agency, Ali Maravi, while referring to the increase in the currency price in recent days and the way of managing the market, said: The currency fluctuations in the country have many reasons, it seems that the main reason for the increase in the exchange rate in recent days is people’s uncertainty compared to the state’s end-of-year conditions and the short-term economic outlook ahead.

He added: When the governments generally took action in the last quarter of the year to compensate for their budget deficits by using the central bank’s intervention, people did not even believe the words of the governor of the central bank about the surplus supply of foreign currency, and this caused the price to rise. .

* Eliminating the sale of paper currency, a short-term solution to the currency problem

Explaining the long-term and short-term solutions considered, Maravi said: The most important short-term solution is to eliminate the sale of paper currency, which is going on in our country and a few other countries.

He continued: The sale of paper currency in exchanges has created a false demand and this issue is an important factor in increasing the price of currency.

*Tax on capital gains is a government tool to manage the currency market

This economic expert stated: The long-term solution should be found in laws based on capital gains tax, because at the same time as the exchange rate increases, parallel capital markets in the country face an increase in prices, and the government does not have any tools to manage this issue.

Marvi said: In the economic system, they say that bad money drives good money out of the market, now in our economic system, the dollar has become good money, which false demand buys it and keeps it at home, and the value of the Rial also increases accordingly. will decrease.

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